Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Devo - Mongoloid/Jocko Homo (1977) 7" Vinyl-Rip

"Mongoloid" is the first single released by Devo in 1977, on the "Booji Boy" label. It was backed with the song Jocko Homo. Mongoloid also had one of the first music videos made using collage. Mongoloid would later be re-recorded by Devo, and appear on the album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! in 1978. It is also a staple of Devo's live shows.
"Mongoloid," like many of Devo's early songs, was built on a motorik beat. The song opens with a 4/4 electric bass line, which is then joined by drums, and electric guitar. Over this, a swooping synthesizer line is played on Minimoog, using the pitch bend to create a spooky effect. The synth is not used as a lead instrument during the song, but only the opening and closing. The doubled vocals are sung simultaneously by both Gerald V. Casale and "Bob 1" (Bob Mothersbaugh). On the original single, the vocals are deliberately sung in a nasal fashion.

"Jocko Homo" is the B-side to Devo's first single, "Mongoloid." Based on a chant from the movie Island of Lost Souls,[1] "Jocko Homo" is considered to be Devo's anthem. The title is taken from an anti-evolution tract called Jocko-Homo Heavenbound by B. H. Shadduck. The song revolves around an idiosyncratic descending guitar riff and absurdist lyrics. The song peaked at #62 on the UK Singles Chart.
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Ripped at 320kbps from 7" vinyl

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweel Maps - Peel Session 16/10/1978

This was the first Swell Maps' Peel Session on the 16th october 1978

1 Read About Seymour
2 Harmony In Your Bathroom
3 Full Moon In My Pocket/Blam/Full Moon Etc
4 International Rescue
5 Another Song

Line -up was:

Epic Soundtracks (Paul Godley) (Drums)
Jowe Head (Bass)
Nikki Sudden (Godley) (Guitar)
Biggles (Guitar)

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Big Black - Peel Session (1987) 7" Bootleg Vinyl-Rip

BIG BLACK were born in 1982, instigated by Steve Albini, then a Sophomore at Northwestern University, a fanzine writer and a loudmouth. A six-song EP, LUNGS, was recorded on a borrowed 4-track for the price of one case of beer. Five years later, at the peak of their popularity, Big Black split. They never had a manager, a booking agent, a lawyer, or took an advance from their record company. They left a musical legacy dripping with power, cynicism and a sense of humour that was blacker than black. In Seattle, at their final gig, they smashed up all their stuff. In 1992 Touch and Go Records, through Southern Studios re-released the entire Big Black catalog.

This is a Bootleg single of Big Black's 1987 Peel session.

The line-up was:
Bass - David Riley
Guitar - Santiago Durango
Guitar, Vocals - Steve Albini

A1 Dead Billy
A2 Ugly American
B1 Newmangenerator
B2 L Dopa


Friday, May 1, 2009

John Peel Festive Fifty 1980

John Peel's annual rundown of listeners' fifty favourite tracks of the year, 'The John Peel Festive 50' became a Christmas institution more loved than fairy lights and Christmas crackers.

Listeners of John's Radio 1 show picked the chart by voting for their three favourite tracks of the year before the end of November. The Festive 50 were then played on air.

This is split in 2 rar files.


3*1. Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
3*2. Joy Division - Atmosphere
3*3. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
3*4. Jam - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
3*5. Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais
3*6. Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
3*7. Undertones - Teenage Kicks
3*8. Damned - New Rose
3*9. Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
3*10. Joy Division - Transmission
3*11. Public Image Ltd. - Public Image
3*12. Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun
3*13. Jam - Going Underground
3*14. Joy Division - Decades
3*15. Clash - Complete Control
3*16. Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was
3*17. Undertones - Get Over You
3*18. Cure - A Forest
3*19. Ruts - In a Rut
2*20. Joy Division - New Dawn Fades
2*21. The Fall - Totally Wired
2*22. Joy Division - She's Lost Control
2*23. Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
2*24. Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
2*25. Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen
2*26. The Fall - How I Wrote `Elastic Man'
2*27. Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted life
2*28. Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
2*29. Damned - Love song
2*30. Adam and the Ants - Kings of the wild frontier
2*31. Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
2*32. Specials - Gangsters
2*33. Public Image Ltd. - Poptones
2*34. Public Image Ltd. - Careering
2*35. Killing Joke - Requiem
1*36. Killing Joke - Psyche
1*37. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Jigsaw Feeling
1*38. The Fall - Fiery Jack
1*39. Clash - Armagideon Time
1*40. Spizz Energi - Where's Captain Kirk
1*41. Joy Division - Twenty-Four Hours
1*42. Damned - Smash it up
1*43. Teardrop Explodes - Treason
1*44. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Switch
1*45. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Icon
1*46. Clash - Bankrobber
1*47. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
1*48. Clash - White Riot
1*49. The Fall - Rowche Rumble
1*50. Gang of Four - Damaged Goods

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