Friday, November 13, 2009

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - 88 (1988) LP Vinyl-Rip

One of Jonathan Richman's better '80s efforts, and certainly one of the most basic, performed in an acoustic trio format. It's nonetheless quite rocking, with heavy debts to doo wop and Bo Diddley rhythms, and a jolly (though not sappy) summertime campfire feel. Some of his best uptempo tunes are here, including "I Love Hot Nights," "California Desert Party," and "Gail Loves Me." (

a1 Dancin' Late at Night
a2 When Harpo Played His Harp
a3 Gail Loves Me
a4 New Kind of Neighborhood
a5 African Lady
b1 I Love Hot Nights
b2 California Desert Party
b3 Everything's Gotta Be Right
b4 Circle I
b5 I Have Come Out to Play
b6 The Theme from Moulin Rouge

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pond - Wheel / Cinders (1992) 7" Vinyl-Rip

Of the many Pacific Northwest bands signed to Sub Pop following the great grunge gold rush of '91, Pond never earned the critical hosannas and commercial rewards heaped on many of their contemporaries, but their records have withstood the test of time surprisingly well thanks to a knack for smart pop hooks that perfectly complemented their post-punk angularity, and effectively anticipated the emergence of emo years ahead of the fact. Pond's Jon Auer-produced Sub Pop debut single immediately proclaims the group's strengths -- both "Wheel" and "Cinders" boast driving, taut melodies, surprising structural intricacies, and the spirited vocals of Charlie Campbell. And what no doubt seemed out of step with the prevailing musical tastes of 1992 now sounds positively timeless as the years continue zipping past. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

More info about the band here

a1 Wheel
b1 Cinders

Ripped from 7" at 320 kbps

Holy Rollers - Watching the grass grow (1993) 7" Vinyl-Rip

THE HOLY ROLLERS are a three-piece from Washington D.C. They formed in 1988, with the line-up of Marc Lambiotte on guitar and vocals, Joe Aronstamn on bass and vocals (both Marc and Joe used to be in Grand Mal and Law of Fives), and Maria Jones on drums and vocals. In 1990, they released an album, "As Is" on DISCHORD RECORDS. "Fabuley" (a made-up word expressing extreme joy) followed that album.

Eight of the ten tracks on "Fabuley" were recorded at Inner Ear Studios, produced by Ian MacKaye, Don Zientara & Holy Rollers. The other two tracks were recorded on a 4-track and were produced by Geoff Turner (Gray Matter, 3) Charles Bennington & Holy Rollers.

After recording "Fabuley", Maria Jones left THE 'ROLLERS to pursue other projects in San Francisco, and was replaced by a temporary drummer, Christian Smith.

At the beginning of 1992 THE HOLY ROLLERS met drummer Ed Trask through mutual friends. Shortly after their introduction, Ed moved from Richmond, Virginia to join the group. The newly restored three-some quickly embarked on a US tour the following Spring. Upon their return home, they decided to invite a fourth member into the band. With the addition of fellow Richmond native, Chris Bopst, Joe Aronstamn moved to guitar.

Now with two guitars and a powerful rhythm section, they were ready to record. In April 1993, THE HOLY ROLLERS released the first single from their self titled newest album, "Watching The Grass Grow" b/w "Toy". And in late August DISCHORD released their self titled LP.

In 1994 they ran into further drummer problems as Ed Trask quit the band to join Kepone. Joe wants to eventually put out a new record and focus on touring the US heavily after finding a replacement drummer.

Ripped from 7" at 320 kbps