Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silver Chapter - Teenage Screamer (1990) 12" EP Vinyl Rip

Profoundly superficial and lovin' every minute of it, with an overly keen sardonic embrace of 70s kitsch and 50s retro. Silver Chapter took their love of Kiss and Gene Vincent right to the tips of their flat-tops and back again. Appreciated by the Spacemen 3 and the Pixies alike, they were a welcome release from the uptight shoe-gazers of the early nineties. Short, sweet, neat and slapping your face like an old-fashioned washboard. (from

1 Teenage Screamer
2 Ramalama (ramalamalama)
3 Cleopatra
4 Angel b true

Ripped from 12"EP at 320 kbps

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Jonathan sings (1983) LP Vinyl-Rip

Richman emerges as an incurable romantic on Jonathan Sings!, an infectiously sunny effort which stands among his finest LPs. Recorded after a long layoff with a new Modern Lovers lineup, Richman sounds thoroughly recharged, even extolling the simple virtues of "This Kind of Music"; among his other enthusiasms are kids ("Not Yet Three") and travel ("Give Paris One More Chance"), but his primary focus here is romance -- "You're the One for Me," "That Summer Feeling" and "Someone to Hold Me" are positively joyous in their lovestruck outlook.

1. That Summer Feeling
2. This Kind of Music
3. Neighbors
4. Somebody to Hold Me
5. Those Conga Drums
6. Stop This Car
7. Not Yet Three
8. Give Paris One More Chance
9. You're the One for Me
10. When I'm Walking

Ripped from LP vinyl at 320kbps

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Joykiller - The Joykiller (1995) LP Vinyl-Rip

12 years after their last LP together as T.S.O.L., the immortal Beneath the Shadows, here is singer Jack Grisham and incredible guitarist Ron Emory teaming up again and going back to where they left off. Out of sight! Actually, Emory was only sitting in on these sessions and isn't really a member of Grisham's post Tender Fury band, but his guitar is unmistakable, and The Joykiller profits from it, easily the finest release by either talent -- the T.S.O.L. reunion Live '91 LP as Grisham, Roche Emory, & Barnes aside -- since 1983. Only a few tracks reprise Beneath the Shadows' sober, mature, anguished post-punk -- "I Wanna Drink Over You" brings it all back, yes! -- and the rest takes in the more intense, breakneck days of their first self-titled EP back in '81, and to a lesser extent the gothic-punk LP released in between, Dance With Me. Don't miss the frantic slices of classic So-Cal punk "The Other," and "Monday." Grisham sounds as cool at the mic as ever, spitting out his howling, thick notes rapid-fire and on-key -- and we're certain he remains the most captivating front man in all L.A. -- and finally has some music of real edge and import to sing over, and this thing cooks from start to finish. Joykiller make the half-decent Green Day and Offspring sound like Tiny Tim and Herman's Hermits. (Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover)

01. Love You More Dead
02. Show Me The System
03. We Got A God
04. Seventeen
05. I Wanna Drink Over You
06. Go Bang
07. The Other
08. Monday
09. She
10. Unconscious
11. Baby Sitter
12. Nobody's Here To Stay
13. Never Come Back To Me
14. Less Than Crazy
15. She's Having Fun

Ripped from vinyl Lp at 320 kbps

Sunday, June 7, 2009

67 - Bright Black (1993) 7" Vinyl-Rip

67 was a London based band formed by long-term friends, Toby Burton, Michael Wilson and Gavin Richards, whose musical roots extend as far back as their salad days, when they played together in a school band that's unique characteristics were it's cardboard guitars and acappella renditions of obscure punk songs!

The limitations of this medium, however, soon inspired them to turn 'electric' and in 1992 they 'came of age' with the recording of their highly acclaimed demo featuring an early version of 'Gadget;, the song which would become their second single for Southern Records. the first, 'Bright Black' was released in June 1993 and described by it's author as 'the wardrobe anxiety song' it was a stasted of the quirky punk-pop that was to follow and earned them their first live session on Radion One.

'Gadget' was released at the end of 1993 and took the band out of the capital to demonstrate the dynamics of their live show, taking in supports to american groups, Girls Against Boys, the Jesus Lizard and Shellac, along the way.

67's third single, due for release was a double A-side affair featuring two new tunes, 'Better and Worse' and 'The Jeep with a Beat', culled from their studio session with Harvey Birrell. In support of this the band played nationwide.

The band have since split up, some of the founder members having moved on to form Tea.(from


a1 Bright black

b1 Iron

Ripped at 320 kbps from 7"