Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Vix Krater - Underground / Petrolio (1994) 7" Vynil-Rip

Chicago act that put out a bunch of 7" in the early-mid 90's
The only thing i found googleing their name is the picture of a gig poster in Chicago 1994 (as you can see at the bottom of the post).
They recall to me the Velvet Underground meeting Jesus and the Mary Chain with no distortion on the guitar on side A, and a great Petrolio on side B that make me think of Go-Betweens (and I'm talking about three of my favourite bands here!!).
This record hits!

The Vix Krater-Petrolio

Ripped from Vynil at 320kbps
Cover and labels included.

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps
Cover art and labels included


Joy Division - Komakino 7" Flexi disc (1980) Vynil(?!?)-Rip

In 1980 copies of this flexi disc were piled on record shop counters so that people could take it for free. Factory records declared that this would have never become a collector's item as long as the company existed.
Well we all know what happened to Factory......Unfortunately!!!
Still this hasn't become such a collector's nightmare, but if you only heard these songs on cd, and if you have never had the lucky and almost mystical trip of listening to a flexi that went through many years of playing, then you should definitely give it a try.
No credit card could pay for the experience of all the clicks and noises you are going to be listening in this one.

a1 Komakino
b1 Incubation
b2 As You Said

Ripped at 320kbps from flexi
P.S.: I deliberately decided not to play any digital declicking and stuff like that. This is exactly how it comes from my deck.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Germs - GI (1979) 180 gr LP Vynil-Rip

I could number with the fingers of one hand the records that really influenced my life (not in a barely musical sense).
GI by The Germs is definitely one of those pieces of life and heart.
I was 15, just dropped out secondary school and , i remember as it was today, my friend coming over to my parent's house with a bag full of records. friend (i won't tell his name),second son of a well known journalist, was a great recordshop lifter (I admit i went with him many times to"find" music(that's what we used to say to each other "let's go "find" some music!!!).
So that day he was coming over with the day's before "shopping" bag.
I also have to say that he used to leave many of the records he "found" over to my house , so that his parents wouldn't get suspicious about his growing record collection.
The black album with the blue circle, got our attention immediately.
Now I have to tell you a theory we used to have back then. The theory was that if the first song of side b of an album was good, then the rest of the album wouldn't be so bad...don't ask me why!?!?!
...and there we were....MEDIA BLITZ.........

I couldn't believe it!!
What!?! What!?!
We looked at each other like:"What the fuck was that?? and that time the second song was over...I didn't even hear it!
I was still wondering about what I had just listened to.
I had never heard anything that potent and fast and angry and most of all, that short. (That's only because I hadn't heard the first song of side A.......
Wow...I hardly never had that feeling again for a record..
just started to come back to reality and side B was already over. I wanted to listen to it again and again when my friend goes "Just noise that guy doesn't know how to sing and crap and shit like that" and pulled out another record off of its sleeve and put it on.
Don't even remember what it was.
Nothing could be compared to The Germs.
I put the record back in its sleeve and started to read the lyrics: it was a trip through the anger towards the world I was feeling inside myself...
After a couple more records, my friend went home and left, as usual a bunch of records to me .
That night and the following days, while i was falling in love with Lorna Doom, I listened to that record over and over and over.....
I literally went beserk after that record...
You know what else was in that bag?
"Group Sex" by a Los Angeles band named "Circle Jerks"....
....but that's another story....

CHECK this great Darby Crash biography that was sent to Tooshortalife from Culturanta.

a1. What We Do Is Secret
a2. Communist Eyes
a3. Land of Treason
a4. Richie Dagger's Crime
a5. Strange Notes
a6. American Leather
a7. Lexicon Devil
a8. Manimal
a9. Our Way
a10. We Must Bleed
b1. Media Blitz
b2. The Other Newest One
b3. Let's Pretend
b4. Dragon Lady
b5. The Slave
b6. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)

Ripped from perfect and shiny 180 grams vynil at 320kbps
Enjoy from RS
Enjoy from DivShare

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joy Division - Le Terme (1981) Bootleg LP Vynil-Rip

Rare and very good sounding Joy Division 1981 bootleg

1 Digital
2 Glass
3 Dead souls
4 Exercise one
5 Sound of music
6 Love will tear us apart
7 Wilderness
8 Insight
9 Isolation
10 These days
11 Transmission
12 She's lost control

Tracks 1-2 from "A Factory Sample" (FAC 2).
Track 3 from "Licht Und Blindheit" (Sordide Sentimental).
Track 4 from "The First Peel Session".
Tracks 5-6 from "The Second Peel Session".
Tracks 7-12 Live: Ajanta Theater, Derby,April 19 1980.
More info on Joy Division bootlegs here

Joy Division - Isolation

Ripped from shiny vinyl at 320kbps

Antiseen - Here To Ruin Your Groove (1996)

"Here To Ruin Your Groove" is an Antiseen 1996 classic.
This is the one where the Antiseen joined forces with Michael Bruce from the original ALICE COOPER GROUP on the band's cover of "Sick Things." Also, featured here is the tribute to one of Wrestling's greatest madmen, Terry Funk on the toe-tapping "Funk U," plus a whole karma-altering load of classics such as "Spare Change," "Self-Induced Lobotomy," "Ugly American," "Justifiable Homicide,"
1 Ugly American
2 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #1
3 Spare Change
4 People Like You
5 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #2
6 Funk U (A Tribute To Terry Funk)
7 Misery
8 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #3
9 We Got This Far (Without You) '96
10 Radio Ruined Groove
11 Billy The Kid (A Real American Hero)
12 Self Induced Lobotomy
13 Sick Things
14 O.D. For Me
15 Needle And The Spoon
16 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #4
17 Justifiable Homicide
18 Fornication / Fuck All Y'All

Antiseen - Self Induced Lobotomy

Ripped at 320kbps

Swell Maps - Jane from occupied Europe (1980) LP Vynil-Rip

Swell Maps were an experimental English rock group of the 1970s from Birmingham, that foreshadowed the birth of post-punk.
Influenced by the disparate likes of T.Rex and the German progressive outfit, Can, they created a new soundscape that would be heavily mined by others in the post-punk era. Despite existing in various forms since 1972, Swell Maps only really came together as a musical entity after the birth of British punk rock.
Consisting of brothers Epic Soundtracks (real name Kevin Godfrey) and Nikki Sudden (real name Nicholas Godfrey) two Solihull based teenagers, plus Richard Earl, David Barrington, John Cockrill and Jowe Head, the band cut the single "Read About Seymour" as their debut in 1977, soon after the brothers left Solihull School (also home of Spizzenergi). It is widely considered one of the classic punk era singles[citation needed]. Epic's drumming mixed with Nikki's unique melodies crafted over the assorted threads cast by the six musicians set the band apart from the others. After recording their first John Peel session Swell Maps went into WMRS studio to record their first album A Trip to Marineville, which was released in 1979. With hard rocking punk numbers like "H.S. Art" interspersed by ambient instrumentals and other experimental interludes like "Gunboats", the album marked the band out as innovative non-musicians. The album went #1 on the new Independent chart.
The band cut one more album, The Swell Maps in 'Jane From Occupied Europe', in 1980, which pushed further into post-punk territory. They displayed their ingenuity for creating everything from industrial surf instrumentals like the opener "Robot Factory" to perverse ballads like "Cake Shop Girl". Even while they were falling apart during these sessions they were pushing the musical boundaries beyond what punk originally had to offer. They sought to release much of their early forays in lo-fi experimenation in the compilation, Whatever Happens Next..., before splitting up.
Since their split the legend of the Swell Maps has grown, through their influence on the C86 bands, lo-fi, and other pioneers like Sonic Youth and Pavement. Individual members of the band (especially Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head) went on to solo careers. The band's catalogue has recently been remastered and reissued and further dips into their archives can be expected. An EP of especially zany tracks was released under the name of the Phones Sportsman Band in 1980. After an interval of over 25 years away from music, the Phones Sportsman Band has now reformed in January 2008.
Epic Soundtracks died of unknown causes at the age of 37 in 1997 and Nikki Sudden died at the age of 49 in March 2006. (From Wikipedia)
A1 Robot Factory
A2 Let's Buy A Bridge
A3 Border Country
A4 Cake Shop
A5 The Helicopter Spies
A6 Big Maz In "The Desert From The Trolley"
A7 Big Empty Field
A8 Mining Villages
B1 Collision With A Frogman vs. The Mangrove Delta Plan
B2 Secret Island
B3 Whatever Happens Next....
B4 Blenheim Shots
B5 A Raincoat's Room*

*P.S.: I jointed together songs b4 and b5. I decided so because it was impossible to split it without spoiling 'em.
So,song b4 is: Blenheim Shots/A Raincoat's Room

Ripped at 320 from glorious 1980 vynil

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zero Boys - Make it stop (1991)

1991 album of one of the greatest hardcore bands of all times.
From Indianapolis: Zero Boys.

1 Beach Blanket Boi-Oi-Oi
2 Bloods Good
3 Godless Girl
4 On the Pavement
5 Trust Anyone
6 You and Your God
7 Amerika
8 Indianapolis
9 Fly Bite
10 Parasite Man
11 Black Network News
12 Open
13 Doctors Are Doin' It for Themselves
14 Positive Change

Zero Boys - Beach Blanket Boi-Oi-Oi

Ripped at 320kbps


Fire Party - Fire Party Ep (1988) Vynil-Rip

By the late 1980s, DC's punk underground had produced dozens of bands, but only a handful of the musicians were women. This was not a fair representation of the DC punk community, however, as there were many women active throughout the scene, and this disparity had already become a much discussed topic within the ranks. The members of Fire Party were certainly aware of this situation, but while they were clear about their desire to play together, they tried to avoid the "all-girl band" tag that was so easily being handed out at that time. Fire Party wanted their work to stand on its own, and although they released two excellent EPs on Dischord in 1988 and 1989 they found it difficult to escape the novelty aspect of their lineup, especially in the States. Fortunately, the band was able to make a number of trips to Europe, and there they encountered audiences that seemed more interested in the music being played rather than who was playing it. (from
Fire Party EP is still available from Dischord Records, so if you like the band, just buy it!!!
Fire Party - Drowning Intentions

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


Fire Party - New Orleans Opera (1989) LP Vynil-Rip

Vocalist Amy Pickering, bassist Kate Samworth, guitarist Natalie Avery, and drummer Nicky Thomas were Fire Party, a Washington, D.C.-based band that recorded for Ian MacKaye's Dischord label. Formed in 1986, the quartet released a self-titled six-song EP in 1988 and an album called New Orleans Opera the following year. They broke up at the turn of the decade. Six years after the split, Dischord released a self-titled compilation that combined the two major releases with a 1989 session for the BBC's John Peel and a song off the various-artists State of the Nation album. Valuable members of the D.C. punk community, Fire Party inspired a number of young women from the scene to become musicians and form bands. (from

a1 Make It Quick
a2 Bite
a3 First Course
a4 Gethsemane
b1 Prisoner
b2 Fire
b3 Only Nine Mottos
b4 New Orleans Opera
Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


Saturday, February 21, 2009

VVAA - Tooth & Nail (1979) LP Vynil-Rip

Early LA punk rock: Germs, Flesh Eaters, Middle Class and Negative Trend stand out. Classic compilation.
A must.

Ripped from beautiful vynil at 320kbps


VVAA - Viva Umkhonto (1986) LP Vynil-rip

1986 Anti-apartheid benefit compilation with many of the best European and American bands of the time.
Produced by Mordam Records and Konkurrel.

A1 Scream Feel Like That
A2 Challenger Crew Holidays In Amsterdam
A3 Morzelpronk Frippery
A4 Social Unrest American Steel
A5 Ex, The Dallas; Texas 1988
B1 Depraved Visions Of Change
B2 Victims Family Lock Of Interest
B3 B.G.K. Nothing Can Go Wrong
B4 Rhythm Pigs Funeral Of A Friend
B5 Everything Falls Apart Pain
B6 Kafka Prosess Children Of Love
B7 S.C.A. Frustrated
B8 76% Uncertain Another

Scream: Feel Like That

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards (1979) LP Vynil-rip

Thanks to the break-away success of the "Money (That's What I Want)" single, this Dada/Fluxus inspired debut album by The Flying Lizards became an instant sleeper (even being released on 8 track!), and ultimately made it onto a certain generation's list of "favorite albums of all time" because of it's catchy humor and accessibly abstract qualities. Arty and erratic, but somehow symmetrical, this album has everything from irreverent Zappa/Residents humor and catchy Kraftwerk robotics, to Eno sound-scapes and chilly, Joni Mitchell-esque ballads framed in Cage found-sound hi-jinks. The postmodern subjects of the album are often presented in a quirky and robotic sound that was appropriate for (and slightly ahead of) it's time. Yet for the Lizards, even when the sound of the music is stop/start herky-jerky and Devo-esque, it's mid tempo sound is heavily reverb-ed, spacious and soothing. In some of the album's brightest moments, themes of 80's materialism and Orwellian prophecy are conveyed not with synths, samples and deconstructed 4/4 beats, but with sounds of breezy dub, homemade percussion and the hum-able summer dusk ambiance of your favorite modern suburb.....(Read the rest of the article on

Irlandese di nascita, David Cunningham si formo` artisticamente a Londra, dove dapprima s'avvio` alla pittura e al teatro. Introdotto invece alla musica dell'avanguardia, compose Error System, raccolto su Grey Scale (1977), un brano manifesto dell'alea inglese (gli esecutori devono ripetere un pattern fisso all'infinito, ma appena uno di essi sbaglia gli altri devono cominciare a ripetere il suo sbaglio, e cosi` via). In breve il compositore divenne anche produttore, aiutando gruppi punk e post-punk in erba a registrare i loro dischi.

La familiarita` con la musica elettronica e con lo studio di registrazione tornarono utili quando Cunningham decise di dar vita a un gruppo rock, un'idea immortalata sull'album Flying Lizards (Virgin, 1980). Annidate fra cover tecnologiche irriconoscibili di Eddie Cochran e Brecht/Weill, le ballate elettroniche di Cunningham hanno il sapore del divertimento colto, realizzato giocando in studio a chi le combina piu` grosse. Un certosino lavoro di overdub supplisce ampiamente alla (voluta) scarsezza della strumentazione: Cunningham si comporta come un artigiano i cui arnesi sono le macchine dello studio (corredate da oggetti casuali, quali scatole metalliche e fogli di carta) e la cui materia prima e` la pop song. Alla fine e` capace di erigere un'imponente sinfonia per ritmi meccanici e voci bianche, trafficando sicuro e disinvolto le alchimie opposte della sperimentazione e del consumo, all'insegna delle teorie "storiche" delle avanguardie underground e psichedelica.
Alle tastiere Cunningham emula Brian Eno, stende cioe` quel tappeto di effetti che serve a creare il contrasto fra prima e dopo la scienza. Rispetto a Eno c'e` comunque un uso piu` fantasioso delle parti vocali (soprattutto il fascino arcano di Her Story, nenia paradisiaca per solfeggio femminile con inflessioni da muezzin simile a certi fischiettii metafisici di Wyatt), un tono medio piu` umoristico (la satira surreale di TV, quasi una Bonzo Band con qualche circuito in piu`).
Su tutto svetta il tribalismo disco-psichedelico di Russia, delirio pantagruelico senza ritegno al limite della "devoluzione", prototipo della nuova musica metronomica perturbata da improvvisazioni impercettibili e da gag grottesche) e infine una maggior dimestichezza con le cose dell'avanguardia (il minimalismo rock di The Flood, la cupa elettronica teutonica di Trouble, fino all'alea di Events During The Flood, un brano per l'appunto costruito su un altro brano, come dice il titolo). Gli unici elementi sistematici sono il drumming ossessivo del ballabile moderno e un canticchiare di fantasmi fuori campo. Ad essi il genio del compositore sovrappone un numero impressionante di trovate, minute e stupidine, che costituiscono in fondo la vera essenza dei brani. Attraverso queste caricature stranianti il complesso celebra l'apoteosi programmata dell'idiozia collettiva.
Non a caso le sue devastanti cover lo segnalano come il piu` pericoloso dei terroristi del meta-rock (e in particolare il massacro scientifico di Money, forse il piu` bel risultato di sempre in fatto di cover).

Der song von Mandelay

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

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Discharge - Decontrol 7" (1980) Vynil-Rip

No need for words over this one!!!

Ripped from Glorious vynil at 320kbps

3 - Dark days coming (1989) LP Vynil-rip

When most people think Dischord, they recall the early-'80s hardcore days. But Dischord actually peaked later in the decade, when the wildly improved Government Issue and a bunch of new bands formed out of the old ones, all slowed down their tempos to more manageable punk levels, and concentrated on developing melodic hooks, adding dimension to the emotional core of the walloping sound (thus the overused, too blanketed term "emocore"). 3, a 1986-1988 D.C. band formed out of the ashes of Gray Matter (leader Geoff Turner) and Minor Threat (drummer Jeff Nelson) and two others, was the perfect example. A solid band through and through, 3's lone LP, sadly released posthumously (as was the case for far too many Dischord bands of the time) was totally catchy punk, with dollops of obvious sincerity and passion, typically lacking with later punk outfits. (from The Big Takeover, All Music Guide)

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

Various Artists - Born Bad Vol.6 (2006)

If you know and love the sounds of the Cramps or other fuzzy psych stuff , raunchy rock'n'roll and weird musical personalities this one is packed with gems.

1 Dean Carter Jailhouse Rock
2 Lee Dresser & The Krazy Kats Beat Out My Love
3 Ventures, The Fourth Dimension
4 J.J. Jackson & Jackals, The Oo-Ma-Liddi
5 Sonics, The He's Waitin'
6 Wailers, The Dirty Robber
7 Carol Connors & Cycles, The Yum Yum Yamaha
8 Flower Children, The Mini-Skirt Blues
9 Sparkles, The Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)
10 Jim Lowe The Green Door
11 Mel Smith & The Night Riders Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)
12 Runabouts, The When I Get The Blues (The Strangeness In Me)
13 Tommy "Jim" Beam And The Four Fifths Golden Boy
14 R. Lewis Band Get Off The Road (& Spoken Intro)

Cover&booklet scans included

The Leaving Trains - Well Down Blue Highway LP (1984) Vynil-rip

An indie-rock subversive who has been known to perform in dresses almost as much as his ex-wife Courtney Love, Falling James (Moreland) has led the Leaving Trains with a revolving lineup since the group formed in 1980. Originally in a Los Angeles punk band named the Mongrels during 1978-79, Falling James formed the Downers in 1980 (with David Roback, later of Mazzy Star, and John Hoffs, the brother of the Bangles sisters) and then the Leaving Trains later that year, with guitarist Manfred Hofer, bassist Tom Hofer, keyboard player Sylvia Juncosa and drummer Hillary Laddin. The band gigged around the area during the next three years, but included only the Hofer brothers by the time Leaving Trains debuted on vinyl with 1984's Well Down Blue Highway, on Bemisbrain/Enigma Records. (From
Great and rare to find album.

a1 Bringing Down the House
a2 Leaving Train
a3 All My Friends
a4 Always Between Wars
a5 You Can't See
a6 I Am in a World Crash With You
a7 March 7th
b1 Hometown Blues
b2 She Knows the Rain
b3 Creeping coastline of lights
b4 Virginia city
b5 Going Down to Town

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


Friends of Betty - Blind Faith II (1988) Vynil-Rip

Friends of Betty was noise/folk/punk band band from Chicago that was formed by Tim Rutili and Glynis Johnson sometime in the mid '80's. Ben Massarella was the band's original drummer, but he was later replaced by John Rowan.
Rutili, 27, had moved to Chicago in 1984 to attend Colombia College's film school.
He soon met Glynis Johnson and the two moved in together with plans for starting a band. With Johnson on bass, Benny Massarella on drums (later replaced by John Rowan, who would go on to fame under the guise of Blackie Onassis in Urge Overkill) and Rutili on a souped-up acoustic guitar, Friends of Betty played a sort of loud and fast folk/punk hybrid. According to those who saw these early performances, the results, although interesting, weren't very good.
"I played an acoustic because that was the only guitar I had," explained Rutili. "I had a pickup and a distortion pedal. It didn't sound very acoustic; it sounded really bad."
Friends of Betty put out its only album, Blind Faith II, on Underdog records in 1988.
Friends of Betty embarked on a brief tour of Europe in 1990 ("We managed to not lose any money," said Rutili). But upon returning home, they felt a change was needed. Friends of Betty became Red Red Meat, but the band played only a few shows the next two years. "We went a year without playing a show," recalled Rutili. "We just hung out and played and
released a single ("Hot Nikkety Trunk Monkey"). But we were getting to be better songwriters." Extract from

The cover is a great parody of the Blind Faith first album.

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

Guitar Wolf and Bob Log III

Check this out and if you like it go here

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vv.Aa. - Back From The Grave Vol. 3 (1986) Vynil-rip

This is a great collection of obscure garage rock recordings from the sixties, providing 71 minutes of raw teenage punk rock.

A1 Chentelles Be My Queen
A2 Little Willie And The Adolescents Get Out Of My Life
A3 Ken And The Fourth Dimension See If I Care
A4 Me And Them Guys I Loved Her So
A5 Interns I've Got Something To Say
A6 Intruders Five Ain't Comin' Back
A7 Monacles I Can't Win
A8 Lil' Boys Blue I'm Not There
B1 Jerry And The Others Don't Cry To Me
B2 Fugitives (2) You Can't Blame That On Me
B3 Raunch Hands Tiger Guitars
B4 William The Wild One Willie The Wild One
B5 Murphy And The Mob Born Loser
B6 Mods* You've Got Another Thing Comin'
B7 Sir Winston And The Commons We're Gonna Love
B8 Royal Flairs Suicide
B9 Montells You Can't Make Me

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Banned - Little girl 7" (1977) Vynil-Rip

The Banned were a English Punk / New Wave outfit in the late 1970s, originated from Tooting and Camberwell in London.
The Banned had a UK hit in 1977 with "Little Girl", a cover version of a 1966 U.S. hit song by the Syndicate of Sound.

Ripped from Vynil at 320kbps


Chrome - Raining Milk (1983) Vynil-Rip

Chrome was a band founded in San Francisco, California in 1976.
Inspired by mid-70s punk rock and rock groups such as Hawkwind and Black Sabbath, Chrome's music incorporated synthesizers and samples, and frequently emphasized themes of science fiction and paranoia. Though their mainstream success was limited, Chrome are now regarded as one of the earliest industrial rock groups.
Chrome initially consisted of Gary Spain (bass, guitar, vocals) and Damon Edge (drums and synthesizer), though John Lambdin (vocals, guitar and bass) and Mike Low (guitar, synth, and bass) were quickly recruited. Guitarist Helios Creed joined soon thereafter, and would remain the core of Chrome, alongside Edge. After the first LP, The Visitation, Low and Lambdin left, and after the second LP, Alien Soundtracks, Spain became less involved with the band.
Between 1978 and 1982, Edge and Creed (at some point with the Stench Brothers, John and Hillary, as a rhythm section) released a handful of albums. In "The secret history of rock" Helios Creed said they wanted to make some "scary, funny music". Their experimental rock was into science-fiction, alienation and cynicism.
When they split the band up in 1983, Damon Edge continued on with the name, hiring a complete new band in Europe. Edge moved to France and released several records under the name Chrome.
Damon Edge died in Los Angeles the summer of 1995, of heart failure. After Damon's death, Helios picked up the name and began releasing new material.

Side A
1. Wings Born In The Night 6:40
2. Tribes 3:05
3. Gehenna to Canaan 3:08
4. Légendes des Fantomes Futures 5:29
Side B
1. Beacons to The Eye 7:19
2. Raining Milk 1:54
3. Annorexic Sacrifice 3:30
4. Gehenna Lion 5:32

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


Monday, February 16, 2009

The Partisans - Police story 7"(1981) Vynil-rip

The first release of this band was the double A-side single, 'Police Story'/'Killing Machine', which came out in September 1981 and spent twenty-two weeks in the Indie charts.

James Kelly lied
he said what the cops wanted him to say
James Kelly told us
of the shit that went on in the cell of his
Broke his ribs told him not to speak,
said you're drunk now on your feet
Into the van Kelly did go
never seen again now everybody knows

James Kelly you're dead
James Kelly who cares????
James Kelly you're dead
James Kelly cares

James Kelly's dead

Website: here

Senseless Things - Up & Coming 12" LP (1990) Vynil-Rip

(From Wikipedia)
The Senseless Things formed around the musical partnership of songwriter Mark Keds (vocals, guitar) and Morgan Nicholls (bass, originally guitar), who as 11-year-old schoolboys in Twickenham, Middlesex, UK, put together Wild Division in the early 80s. With the addition of drummer Cass Browne (also occasionally known as Cass Cade and Cass Traitor) they became the Psychotics, playing various venues in their local area despite still being at school. Their first gig together as the Senseless Things followed at the subsequently demolished Clarendon in Hammersmith, London, in October 1986. Auxiliary members at this stage included a keyboard player Ben, then a guitarist, Gerry, who deputized for Nicholls while the latter was studying for his 'O' Levels.

The definitive Senseless Things line-up finally evolved in summer 1987 when Nicholls returned to take over bass, with the new recruit, former BBC clerk Ben Harding, acquiring the vacant guitarist's role. Taking their musical cue from The Ramones and The Dickies, and their spiritual lead from fellow guitar outfit Mega City Four, the quartet embarked upon a hectic touring schedule.

Track listing

1. Where the secret lies
2. I want to go back
3. I don't want to talk about it
4. You don't want me
5. Girlfriend
6. Standing in the rain
7. When you let me down


Website : here
Link to 1991 article on Noise for Heroes: here
Discogs: here

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

Enjoy (RS)

El Guapo - Untitled 7" (1997) Vynil-Rip

First untitled 7" by Washington DC Band El Guapo, known as Supersystem since the mid 2000s and now defunct. Released on Red Skies at Night (RED001). Vinyl rip at 320, still quite clicky and scratchy but this seems quite hard to find in better condition. Math Rock Post-Hardcore?
(This release on discogs, the band on wikipedia)


Killing Joke - The Peel Session 1979-1981

Issued in 2008, this 17-track collection presents the earliest radio sessions that the influential British post-punk ensemble Killing Joke recorded for the revered BBC DJ John Peel. Highlights of the compilation include fierce versions of "Wardance," "Change," and "Butcher," songs that helped to cement the group's reputation as an uncompromisingly aggressive act.
It includes 4 Peel sessions plus a bonus session.

1. Psyche
2. Wardance
3. Nuclear boy
4. Malicious boogie
5. Change
6. Tomorrow´s world
7. Complication
8. The fall of because
9. Tension
10. Butcher
11. The hum
12. Empire song
13. We have joy
14. Chop chop
15. Tension (Bonustrack)
16. Unspeakable
17. Exit


Minuteflag - Minuteflag EP (1986) Vynil-rip

Minuteflag was an experimental jam band collaboration between members of the Minutemen and Black Flag. Their only release, an EP, consists almost entirely of instrumentals with the exception of "Fetch The Water" which features D. Boon on lead vocals.
It took place in March 1985, while Black Flag was in the process of writing and recording "Loose Nut" at Total Access Studio in Redondo Beach, CA; the Minutemen had just completed their Project Mersh 12" EP at the same studio the month before. The members involved initially agreed that the material recorded during the Minuteflag sessions would not be released until at least one of the bands had disbanded. The wait would prove to be sadly short; a 12" EP on SST Records as SST 050 came out over a year afterward, by which time The Minutemen had disbanded after the car crash death of guitarist/vocalist D. Boon; Black Flag themselves would split up later in 1986. (From Wikipedia)


Not Moving - Land of nothing (1985) Vynil-Rip

1981, Litfiba e CCCP devono ancora fare il loro debutto discografico e il rock italiano muove i primi, incerti passi. Tony Face già batterista del gruppo hardcore punk dei Chelsea Hotel fonda una nuova band e la chiama Not Moving, in omaggio a un brano dei DNA di Arto Linsay contenuto nella storica compilation No New York.Fondendo punk, psichedelica e radici, con un occhio a band americane a loro contemporanee come Cramps, X e Gun Club, i Not Moving diventeranno una delle formazioni più importanti per il rock italiano degli anni Ottanta, non tanto in termini di vendite e popolarità (il loro successo, sia pur considerevole per l'epoca, non fu certo di massa) quanto poiché Tony Face, Dany D. (basso), Lilith (voce), Dome La Muerte (chitarra e voce) e Maria Severine (tastiere) ispirarono un nutrito gruppo di musicisti a prendere anch'essi le chitarre in mano e a salire sul palco per fare musica. Inclusi nella raccolta Gathered, allegata al numero di settembre 1982 del mensile Rockerilla, i Not Moving fecero conoscere all'Italia la loro Baron Samedi, primo capitolo di una storia gloriosa conclusasi con lo scioglimento del 1988(da

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Alice Donut - The Biggest Ass (EP, 1991) Vynil-Rip

Alice Donut is a rock and roll band from New York City. Formed in 1986, disbanded in 1996, and re-formed in 2001, the band toured vigorously and broke up after their 1000th live performance. Between 1987 and 1996, Alice Donut released seven full-length albums and around 15 EPs, singles, and other releases on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label and various other labels.

Gli Alice Donut sono uno dei gruppi piu' dotti e imprevedibili del nuovo hardcore di New York. Tom Antona, cantante e leader, li formo' con due compagni di scuola alla Columbia University, Ted Hutton e Dave Giffin. Gli Alice Donut nacquero come la risposta di New York ai Redd Kross: un tributo melodico alla sotto-cultura del junk.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Richard Hell - ROIR Sessions (1984) Vynil rip

The Richard Hell compilation R.I.P.: The ROIR Sessions was originally released in 1984 as a cassette-only release and was later re-released on CD (different cover, same track listing). R.I.P. collects a total of 14 tracks (most studio, some live) and serves as a solid anthology/greatest-hits compilation. The selections span his career from 1975-1984, from one of his first bands (the legendary Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunders) up until a later incarnation of the Voidoids. The sound quality is consistent for the most part, and the music is rough, raw, and rocking -- in other words, classic Richard Hell. An early version of "Love Comes in Spurts" kicks off the album, and with a Heartbreakers' backup, is proof that Hell would have made a more-than-capable leader of the band (Thunders eventually gained control, effectively ending the original lineup). Also included is the depressed ballad "Betrayal Takes Two," the N.Y. new wave of "I'm Your Man," as well as the saxophone-laced "The Hunter Was Drowned." The only criticism of R.I.P. is the omission of one of Hell's best-known tunes, "Blank Generation," but otherwise it's highly recommended. (Greg Prato, All Music Guide)

1. Love Comes in Spurts
2. Can't Keep My Eyes on You
3. Hurt Me
4. I'm Your Man
5. Betrayal Takes Two
6. Crack of Dawn
7. Ignore That Door
8. I Live My Life
9. Going, Going, Gone
10. I Can Only Give You Everything
11. I Been Sleepin' on It
12. Cruel Way to Go Down
13. The Hunter Was Drowned
14. Hey Sweetheart

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Spitfire - Translucent EP (1991) Vynil-Rip

One of my musical guilty pleasures is Spitfire.
When they first came out in in 1991 they were thrown into the shoegazing scene, despite the first track on this debut EP(‘Dive’) reminds of '60 psych-rock. A great cover version of the theme of‘Six Million Dollar Man’.
Just listen to this.
Fun guaranteed.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized

Adrenalin O.D. - Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoot's U.F.O. (1988) Vynil-rip

A1 If This Is Tuesday.....It Must Be Walla-Walla
A2 Bulimic Food Fight
A3 Swindel
A4 Stew
A5 Second To None
B1 My Mother Can't Drive
B2 Theme From An Imaginary Midget Western
B3 Something About.....Amy Carter
B4 Flip Side Unclassified
B5 Baby Elephant Walk

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

John Doe - Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (2005)

5. HWY 5

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Confusional Quartet - Confusional Quartet

Un mix curioso di lounge-jazz, new wave, siglette pubblicitarie, campionamenti, easy listenig demenziale, il tutto rigorosamente strumentale.
L’apice della loro “arte del banale” è rappresentata dalla stravolta cover-parodia del brano "Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)" di Domenico Modugno, che rappresenta per la new wave italiana quello che la cover dei Devo di "Satisfaction" dei Rolling Stones fu per la new wave americana.
Una grande band italiana.



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Bauhaus - Live in Milano 1982 (Vynil-Rip)

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A1. Double Dare
A2. In The Flat Field
A3. Silent Hedges
A4. In Fear Of Fear
A5. Of Lilies And Remains
A6. Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores
B1. Sanity Assassin
B2. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
B3. Spirit
B4. Kick In The Eye
B5. Hollow Hills
B6. Stigmata Martyr
B7. Dark Entries


Buzzcocks - New York Palladium 1979

1 I Don't Mind
2 Autonomy
3 Ever Fallen In Love
4 Mad, Mad Judy
5 Sixteen Again
6 Moving Away From Pulsebeat
7 Noise Annoys
8 Love You More
9 What Do I Get?/Harmony In My Head
10 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
11 You Say You Don't Love Me
12 I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
13 I Believe
14 Fast Cars
15 Breakdown
16 Boredoms


John Doe - For the Rest of Us

Originally an EP called For the Rest of Us (1998, Kill Rock Stars), Yep Roc's new version is a full-length, now entitled For the Best of Us. This new, expanded version includes five previously unreleased songs recorded during the same sessions as the EP. "I want to put it out again because we can and because it sounds cool," says Doe. And he's right, it does sound cool. It sounds great. Ever since the landmark discography of the punk rock band X, Doe has been a vital, poetic and important figure in the world's musical landscape. For the Best of Us represents some of his most exciting work and marks the beginning of his fruitful collaboration with producer Dave Way (Macy Gray, Sheryl Crow) that has since yielded four albums, including 2005's Forever Hasn't Happened Yet, which was hailed by a long list of critics as one of the top ten albums of 2005. There's an all star band on For the Best of Us featuring Smokey Hormel (Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Beck) on guitar, Joey Waronker (REM, Beck) on drums, and Tony Marsico (Matthew Sweet) and Steve McDonald (Redd Kross) sharing duties on bass. And because there was no record company or specific release in mind when recording the album, the sense of adventure and freedom is audible. "We recorded it in '96 and '97, a time when things were still pretty open as far as interpreting rock and roll music," Doe says. "So, we certainly felt that - a sense of adventure - when recording it."

Social Distortion - Mommy's little monster (vynil-Rip) (1983)

Uno dei capolavori assoluti dell'hardcore americano
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Polystyrene - Translucence (1981)

For those who like to rock, avoid this album. For those whose tastes are a little more eclectic and aren't afraid of sampling new delicacies, than this will definitely be a tasty little morsel. The most striking element of the record is Poly's gorgeous singing, supported by the supple, jazzy arrangements. Clearly, not as aggressive or confrontational as her work with X-Ray Spex, but equally as rewarding. John Dougan, All Music Guide
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