Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Bomb Turks - Scared Straight (1996)

Four guys holding English degrees from Ohio State University, the New Bomb Turks have been declared as leaders in the punk rock revolution by spiked-haired, hardcore punkers everywhere. They are not pop-punk, but ferociously aggressive and fast, borrowing from the Pagans, Dead Boys, and so on. The band's name comes from Robert Wuhl's character in an early-'80s B movie, The Hollywood Nights, which also marked the film debuts of Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer.
With Scared Straight, the New Bomb Turks don't deviate from their sleazy, fuel-injected interpretation of the Stooges' patented thrash-and-grind, but for most fans, that's a plus, not a minus. The Turks' revivalism would be tiring if it wasn't for their amateurish enthusiasm and their goofy, off-the-wall sense of humor. Scared Straight might not be as incendiary as their previous albums but the fact that it is their first for Epitaph makes it their biggest release to date. And, with the slight extra production gloss, it is also among their most accessible efforts.

1. Hammerless Nail
2. Bachelor's High
3. Professional Againster
4. Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet
5. Jukebox Lean
6. Jeers Of A Clown
7. Look Alive Jive
8. Starting Down The Gift Horse
9. Shoot The Offshoot
10. Drop What You're Doin'
11. Telephone Numbrrr
12. Wrest Your Hands

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New Bomb Turks - At Rope's End (1998)

Having already established themselves as top-notch hepcat punks with widely acclaimed releases like Destroy-Oh-Boy and Information Highway Revisited for the Crypt label, in 1996 Columbus, OH's New Bomb Turks made the jump to Epitaph Records. Fans were nervous about the band's label change, but the resultant releases proved to be the Turks' most adventurous and well-produced efforts. With the trademark Rolling Stones-meets-Iggy Pop-meets-the Pagans, Lazy Cowgirls, and Jerry Lee Lewis Turks sound of Jim Weber's metal-tinged punk riffage, Matt Reber's low-end pounding, and Eric Davidson's manic vocals still intact, on At Rope's End the Turks tightened up their attack and even branched out, successfully adding touches of sax and piano to some of the songs.

Davidson's knack for writing Crypt-style punny titles and sly lyrics with a healthy dose of '50s greaser slang and attitude shows up in fine form on tracks like "Veronica Lake," "(The Cure For) The Common Cold Shoulder," and "Aspirin Aspirations." While the adventurous tone of the record in general calls to mind the early experimentation of the Rolling Stones, Davidson makes the connection a little more blatantly with "Scapegoat Soup." "So Long Silver Lining" takes a few lyrical cues from Nuggets faves the Seeds. While Davidson tends toward sharp-tongued barbs, several songs take a break from the grinning and offer a dark air, as on "Bolan's Crash" and live rave-up "Defiled." Proof positive that young New Bomb Turk punks are allowed to grow up and their music can improve as a result. (from allmusic.com)
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Angst - Mistery Spot (1987) LP Vinyl-Rip

Angst was one of nearly four dozen Northern California and Nevada bands featured on the Faulty Products distributed Alternative Tentacles LP, NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. Angst was formed in 1979 in Denver, Colorado, with the original name The Instants. With the punk scene virtually non-existent in Denver at that time, they briefly moved to the UK before finally relocating in San Francisco and taking the name Angst. Unlike the majority of bands on NOT SO QUIET..., Angst actually managed to land a contract with trend-setting American punk label, SST, the label through which they released a whopping five albums through the '80s.

Angst consisted of founders/brothers Joe Pope (bass & vocals) and Jon E. Risk (guitar & vocals). Michael Hursey rounded out the trio on drums. (Hursey was replaced by Andy Kaps shortly before the band's final album, Cry For Happy). (from http://www.irscorner.com)

A1 Outside My Window
A2 Back In January
A3 It's Mine
A4 What's The Difference?
A5 Looking For A Reason
A6 Colors
B1 Mind Average
B2 One Life (Out Of 9)
B3 Wazee Street
B4 I Remember
B5 Ah, The Morning
B6 Red Wing

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The Pastels - Baby You're Just You (1989) 12" Vinyl-Rip

The Pastels are legendary. Their story goes back to the early '80s, when Stephen McRobbie (known as Stephen Pastel) and David Keegan co-owned a record label called 53rd & 3rd, home to beloved and influential bands such as The Vaselines and The Soup Dragons. They also played in a group named The Shop Assistants together with a girl, Aggi Wright. Stephen and Aggi soon broke off into their own group, which they named The Pastels. They released a number of singles in the mid '80s until 1987 when they released their first LP, entitled Up For A Bit With The Pastels. Early on, the lineup of the Pastels included members of Teenage Fanclub and The Vaselines, and David from the Shop Assistants even joined up for a time. These different groups and their contemporaries pioneered an entirely new genre of music that developed from labels such as their 53rd & 3rd, Subway, Pink, Creation, Glass, and others. The genre was known as a number of different things, early on called "shambling" or "anorak" pop, and now known commonly as Twee or as c86 - after the benchmark cassette compilation named c86 that music mag NME released in 1986, which The Pastels and other groups of this music style appeared on. The style is most unique for the jangling guitar lines, vocals that are usually pleasantly out of tune, and a certain hypersensitive personality backing everything. Certainly, much of the Pastels music would fit this description.

Finally in the late '80s some rearranging was needed and the group became a permanent trio consisting of Stephen, Aggi, and Katrina Mitchell, who was a fan of the group and would come to their shows. It was a bit of reworking of the lineup and the Pastels as a whole, with Katrina and Aggi learning drums and bass from scratch. This became the definitive lineup of the group and they released some of their greatest material throughout the early and mid-90s. They collaborated with Jad Fair in 1992, and released the LP Mobile Safari in 1995. With this release they found permanent homes with Domino records in the UK and here at Up Records in the US. Following these next few albums they began collaborating with many of their friends and contemporaries, both on their own releases and guesting on a wide range of friends' albums. Most recently Stephen has formed a record label once again, named Geographic, and The Pastels wrote music for a good film - The Last Great Wilderness. They play the occasional show and are still writing music in between running the label.(from http://www.uprecords.com)

A1 Baby You're Just You
B1 Holy Moly
B2 Ugly Town

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Lolitas - Touche-Moi (1987) 7" Vinyl-Rip

Silvye Vartan singing with anVelvetundergroundish kinda band...
that'swhat these two songs sound to me....what else can you ask for a spring night listening experience?!?!(ah ah ah).
Let's get serious now...
who's singing here is not the diva Vartan but Fran├žoise Cactus, who's actually one of the two ladies in Stereo Total.
good one

a1 Touche-moi
a2 Elle se balance

Ripped at 320 kbps from 7" vinyl

The Mothers - Drives me wild/Get out of my life (1987) 7" Vinyl-Rip

Here's another one of those australian 7" i bought a while ago.
This one surprised me for two different reasons:
musically speaking, it contains one straght punk song on side a and a god Link Wray's cover on the other side....a good 7"....
the second surprize was trying to get info on the band googleing around i find a website and i discover what the Fiona that's pictured on the cover of the record does now for a living(after beeing the singer for Def FX)....i'm not surprised about almost anything but this made me laugh(check the site)...well well well....
This 7" has been ripped at 320 kbps for the joy of everybody's ears-all you have to do is click, wait and

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Residents - Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers Series, Vol. II (1986)

The Residents reportedly intended their American Composers Series to last 16 years and cover heaven knows how many volumes. Stars & Hank Forever, which finds the Residents interpreting music by Hank Williams and John Philip Sousa, was the second volume, and it's probably just as well that it turned out to be the last. The charming goofiness that buoyed the first volume (George & James) is replaced by a slightly discomforting sense of borderline disrespect (on the Hank Williams material) and overkill (on the Sousa compositions). Their rendition of "Six More Miles (to the Graveyard)" is genuinely haunting and almost even pretty, but Williams' memory and enormous talent deserve better than the facile deconstructions of "Hey Good-Lookin'" and "Jambalaya" in which the band indulges here. As for the Sousa material, it seems a bit more deserving of parodic treatment than the Hank Williams songs, and the Residents do have lots of fun with "Nobles of the Mystic Shrine," "The Washington Post," and of course, "The Stars & Stripes Forever." But six such arrangements was maybe a few too many in this case.

1. "Hey Good Lookin'"
2. "Six More Miles (To the Graveyard)"
3. "Kaw-Liga"
4. "Ramblin' Man"
5. "Jambalaya"
6. "Sousaside"
1. "Nobles of the Mystic Shrine"
2. "Stars and Stripes Forever"
3. "El Capitan"
4. "The Liberty Bell"
5. "Semper Fidelis"
6. "The Washington Post"

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The Residents - George and James (1984)

Volume one in the Residents' dryly named American Composers Series (get those tongues out of your cheeks and start singing, boys) is a collection of compositions by two of America's most famous musical geniuses, George Gershwyn and James Brown. After starting off with a trio of Gershwin numbers ("Rhapsody in Blue," "I Got Rhythm," and "Summertime") all delivered in the Residents' trademark creepy/funny/bewildering style. The program continues with eight tunes taken from James Brown's Live at the Apollo album, one of which is the famous minute-long intro. Weird? You betcha. Effective? Sort of, if you know what you're getting into. The artificially lowered voice, cheesy organ, and fastidiously accurate backing vocals are a hoot on "I'll Go Crazy" and "Try Me," whereas "Think" collapses into chaos, while "Night Train" barely hangs on by virtue of its insanely simple keyboard part. It's difficult to see what the band was trying to say with this project, but wondering what they're trying to say has never been a good way to approach the Residents.(allmusic.com)

1. "Rhapsody in Blue"
2. "I Got Rhythm"
3. "Summertime"

Live at the Apollo
1. "I'll Go Crazy"
2. "Try Me"
3. ""5" Royales song"
4. "I Don't Mind"
5. "Lost Someone"
6. "Please, Please, Please"
7. "Night Train"

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Mans Land - Anything at all (1986) 7" Vinyl-Rip

I bought this record with a bunch of others from Australia and New Zealand few weeks ago at a used records store for very little €s.
This one here i had to wash it and rinse it and wash it again because it was in a pretty bad shape. I've been able to recover it and with some declick during the editing part here you have two great songs from an unknown band (to me at least).
If someone can help me finding more news and music about this band, i would be grateful!!!!
This is worth the download !!!

a1 Anything at all
b1 Heartbreak Hotel

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Black Velvet Flag - Come Recline (1994)

Punk gone lounge.

1. Interview - Jeff
2. Wasted
3. Amoeba
4. Group Sex
5. Interview - Felice
6. I Shot JFK
7. Institutionalized
8. Interview - Fred
9. No Values
10. Media Blitz
11. I Don't Care About You
12. Interviews - Fred, Jeff, Fred, Jason
13. Code Blue
14. Stepping Stone

They also put out a documentary. Check it out here
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Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Kill your Television (1990) 12" EP Vinyl-Rip

Ned's Atomic Dustbin's stylish fusion of punk and funk earned them a fair number of fans in the early '90s, just as England's Stone Roses-inspired "Madchester" scene was drawing to a close. Comprised of Jonn Penney (vocals), Rat (guitar), Matt Cheslin (bass), Alex Griffin (bass), and Dan Warton (drums), the group began as a neo-goth rock outfit in the late '80s. By the beginning of the '90s, the band had developed a dense, assaultive sound that was distinguished by their thundering two-bass attack. Ned's released their first single, "Kill Your Television," in 1990; on the back of a slick, sloganeering marketing attack (epitomized by the 86 T-shirts the band had designed in their first three years), the single reached the U.K. Top 50 and led to a record contract with Sony Music. (allmusic.com)

a1 Kill your television
a2 That's nice
b1 Sentence
b2 Kill your television (Remix)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jayne County - Goddess of Wet Dreams (1993)

Making his initial name as a prominent scenester during the heady days of the early-'70s New York punk club scene, Wayne County later gained additional renown as perhaps rock's most prominent transsexual performer, billing herself as Jayne County following her return to the U.S. from Berlin in 1980. Born Wayne Rogers in Dallas, GA (near Atlanta) in approximately 1947, Wayne County assumed his stage name for a production of the Jackie Curtis play Femme Fatale. County acted in several Andy Warhol-associated theater pieces and from there became the regular DJ at the legendary club Max's Kansas City. Starting in 1972, County performed (in drag) at the club as well, eventually writing and recording a celebratory theme song titled "Max's Kansas City" in 1976 with a backing group called the Back Street Boys. However, County found it difficult to find American labels interested in his trashy, campy, New York Dolls-influenced brand of rock & roll, so he relocated to London just as that city's punk movement was beginning to gather momentum. He found a home on the Safari label with a new band, the Electric Chairs, and issued his debut album -- also called The Electric Chairs -- in 1978. Further albums included Storm the Gates of Heaven and Things Your Mother Never Told You, both from 1979; afterwards, County retired to Berlin and emerged as Jayne County, returning to North America in 1980. A 1981 live album, Rock 'n' Roll Resurrection, was the first billed to Jayne County, and found her fronting a mostly new version of the Electric Chairs.
County was quiet for a while as a recording artist, returning only in 1986 with a self-produced album called Private Oyster (a similar, unauthorized version was later issued under the title Amerikan Cleopatra). Periodic releases followed in the 1990s, some featuring new songs, some featuring reworked versions of past material. In 1996, County published her autobiography, Man Enough to Be a Woman; in 1999, she issued a newly recorded version of her song "Fuck Off," retitled "Fuck Off 2000." (from Allmusic.com)

1. Night Time
2. Cream in My Jeans
3. Paranoia Paradise
4. Looking for a Kiss
5. If You Don't Want to Fuck -- Fuck Off
6. Johnny Gone to Heaven
7. Private World
8. Brainwashed
9. Take a Detour
10. Party Till Armageddon

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Jim Carroll Band - Dry Dreams (1982) LP Vinyl-Rip

To rock audiences, Jim Carroll's crowning achievement was the near-hit "People Who Died," a brutally emotional punk record saluting the victims of the New York drug culture. In truth, however, Carroll's artistic legacy was considerably more complex and far-ranging -- an acclaimed diarist, poet, actor and spoken-word performer, his formative years even served as the subject of the film The Basketball Diaries.
The product of a working-class background, Carroll was born and raised in New York City. A highly-touted basketball prospect, Jack Kerouac's On the Road inspired him to begin keeping a journal at the age of 12; later published in 1978 as The Basketball Diaries, his early writings vividly chronicled his teenage addiction to heroin, which led him into a life of crime and hustling. By the time he was 16, Carrol was a published poet; 1973's Living at the Movies further established his reputation as a prodigy and funded a move to Northern California, where he was finally able to shed his drug habit.
Inspired by the success of his friend Patti Smith, who also married a background in poetry with a career in rock music, Carroll began writing songs; in 1978, backed by the San Francisco band Amsterdam (comprised of guitarists Terrell Winn and Brian Linsley, bassist Steve Linsley and drummer Wayne Woods), he cut a handful of demos, and was signed to Rolling Stones Records. Produced by label head Earl McGrath, the Jim Carroll Band's debut album Catholic Boy appeared in 1980; the subject of significant critical acclaim, it featured "People Who Died," the group's definitive moment.
After a move back to New York and the replacement of Terrell Winn and Brian Linsley by Paul Sanchez and John Tiven, the Carroll Band returned in 1982 with Dry Dreams, followed by 1984's I Write Your Name, which received lackluster reviews. With his three record contract fulfilled, Carroll dismissed the group members and resumed his prose and poetry work. After an appearance in the 1985 film Tuff Turf, he published The Book of Nods in 1986 and Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries 1971-1973 a year later.
During the remainder of the eighties, Carroll balanced his poetry and prose material while writing tracks for other artists such as Blue Oyster Cult Club Ninja and Boz Scaggs Other Roads.(from Allmusic.com)

Jim Carroll's Dry Dreams is in a style similar to that of his debut release. Despite the expanded instrumentation suggested by the personnel list on the album cover, the music here is still generally new wave-oriented, stripped down, and often propelled by an itchy beat. As one might expect from the author of The Basketball Diaries, Carroll's lyrics are wonderfully evocative and literate, to be favorably counted among rock music's best. Parallels to Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and Patti Smith (this last pointed up by including guest guitarist/co-songwriter Lenny Kaye on the final track) are especially noticeable. Songs here are generally fine, if perhaps not quite as punchily memorable as those on his prior album. A few interesting alleyways are explored here, including the more traditionally tuneful and more fully scored "Rooms" and the multisectional "Barricades," which alternates slower Bob Dylan-derived music with faster, rocking material. This sturdy disc is well worth hearing. ~ David Cleary, All Music Guide

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Mitch Cooper - Mitch Cooper (1986) 7" Vinyl-Rip

Mitch Cooper led the North Carolina's retro-60's psychedelic revitalization with the release of this e.p. in 1986.
Right after this record he formed The Inn that put out thre albums from 1987 to 1992

a1 Mind connection
b1 Always on the horizon
b2 The tower of life

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Bush Tetras - Boom in the Night (1995)

New York's Bush Tetras had a no wave link, via guitarist Pat Place's association with James Chance, but the band's sound was neither frantic nor disjointed enough to be properly categorized with those bands. They played scrappy post-punk, with fellow Americans Pylon and Konk and Brits Delta 5 and Au Pairs as close contemporaries.

Subtitled "Original Studio Recordings 1980-1983," Boom in the Night was a CD reissue of the 1989 cassette compilation Better Late Than Never, though it omitted one track, the demo "Makin' a Mistake," and resequenced the remaining 14 tracks. The Bush Tetras made a couple of independent label EPs and a single in New York in the early '80s, and then disappeared. The music was simple and relentless, as were the chanted messages of songs such as the seminal "Too Many Creeps." This was punk minimalism down to the point of amateurishness, but no less compelling because of it. The album apparently was released to herald the April 1995 reformation of the Bush Tetras.

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Buzzcocks - Peel Session (17/04/78)

Recorded on the 17th of april 1978.

01 Noise Annoys
02 Walking Distance
03 Late For the Train

Thanks to the original uploader.
Ripped at 320 kbps


Moe Tucker - I Spent A Week There The Other Night (1991)

With more help from her indie-rock bigshot pals (Don Fleming, Brian Ritchie), this album also featured the first (sort of) Velvet Underground reunion, with Cale, Reed and Sterling Morrison guesting on separate tracks. Covering "And Then He Kissed Me" was inspired, as is the inclusion of the accusatory (and appropriately titled) "Fired Up." From start to finish, it rocks like crazy.(allmusic.com)

Ripped at 320 kbps

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias - Snuff Rock (1977) 7" EP Vinyl-Rip

Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias (often erroneously spelled Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias) were a comedy rock band, formed in Manchester, England in 1973. Their story is told in the book 'When We Were Thin' (published 2007 by Hotun Press). The name of the band is a corruption of a Latin American band called Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos.
Created in 1973 by former member of Greasy Bear -- Chris "C.P." Lee and Jimmy Hibbert (vocals, bass) and Bob Harding (vocals, guitar, bass), the comedy sketch outfit became a musical group in 1974 and was joined by former Greasy Bear drummer Bruce Mitchell (drums), with Les Prior (vocals), Simon White (steel guitar, guitar), Tony Bowers (bass, guitar) and Ray "Mighty Mongo" Hughes (second drummer). They became a popular support act, supporting Hawkwind on their 1974 tour. The group mercilessly parodied the major rock names of the 70s - "Anadin" was a reworking of Lou Reed's "Heroin" / "Sweet Jane". By 1975 they were topping the bill in their own right and were supported by such acts as The Police, The Stranglers and Blondie. As with many comedy ensembles, the Albertos belied their comic aspirations by their exemplary musicianship and they released three albums and a variety of spoof discs, culminating in the musical play "Snuff Rock".
"Snuff Rock" was the record-breaking musical play presented at London's Royal Court Theatre and Round House, and was famous for the role of the comic disc jockey played by Les Prior. The accompanying EP, "Snuff Rock", released on Stiff Records, poked fun at the punk rock phenomenon, targeting the Sex Pistols ("Gobbing On Life"), The Damned ("Kill") and The Clash ("Snuffin' Like That") as well as a myriad of reggae bands in "Snuffin' In A Babylon". For once, the Albertos' act was successfully transferred to vinyl. They hit the UK Top 50 with the Status Quo spoof, "Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie" in 1978. Les Prior died in January 1980 from leukemia, which left a large gap in the group.
After their nationally-networked TV show Teach Yourself Gibberish and a crack at America with Sleak, the Albertos called it a day in 1982.(from Wikipedia)

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps

Thursday, March 19, 2009

John Zorn - The Big Gundown (1986) LP Vinyl-Rip

The Big Gundown is an album by American composer and saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist John Zorn. It comprises radically reworked covers of tracks by the Italian film composer Ennio Morricone. It was originally to be called "Once Upon a Time in the Lower East Side".

The album is named after a 1966 very good spaghetti western (La Resa dei Conti), directed by Sergio Sollima, starring Lee Van Cleef, and scored by Morricone. It was first released in 1986 on the Nonesuch/Icon label. In 2000 a remastered 15th Anniversary Edition with additional tracks was released on CD on Zorn's Tzadik Records label.

a1. The Big Gundown
a2. Peur Sur La Ville
a3. Poverty (once Upon A Time In America)
a4. Milano Odia
a5. Erotico (the Burglars)
b1. Battle Of Algiers 3:50
b2. Giu La Testa (duck You Sucker!)
b3. Metamorfosi (la Glasse Operaia Va In Paradiso)
b4. Tre Kel 5000
b5. Once Upon A Time In The West

Ripped from shiny 1986 vinyl at 320 kbps

Half Japanese - Everybody Knows (1991) Cd single

Few of punk rock's founding fathers could have anticipated the extreme to which Half Japanese took the music's do-it-yourself ethos. Founded by brothers Jad and David Fair, Half Japanese was quite probably the most amateurish rock band to make a record since the Shaggs, all but ignoring musical basics like chords, rhythms, and melody. However, the brothers made that approach into a guiding aesthetic, steadfastly refusing to progress in their primitive musicianship over a career that lasted decades. David Fair's article "How to Play Guitar" outlined the Half Japanese philosophy: if you rejected conventional ideas about fingering, tuning, and even stringing a guitar, there were no limits on how you could express yourself on what was, after all, your instrument. The band's proponents (who included Kurt Cobain) saw them as the epitome of a pure, unbridled enthusiasm for rock & roll, the ultimate expression of punk's dictum that rock should be accessible to anyone who wanted to pick up an instrument and play.
Produced by Moe Tucker.

Ripped at 320 kbps

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Effigies - Remains nonviewable (1995)

I used to love The Effigies(and still do), so i found this in my Pandora's box and i thought to share it.
Easy as it is.

For those of you that don't know, the Effigies are the greatest punk rock/hardcore band to ever come out of Chicago in the 80's. This career retrospective compiles all of their classic songs onto one disc.
Not only does this band write great songs, but they know how to play them as well. The Effigies are very gifted and creative musicians, as there are a variety of different musical influences present on this album, yet it all seems to fit nicely together.
"Security" is easily one of the catchiest anthems in punk rock history; the song blends both funk and hard rock through a punk blender. "Body Bag" and "Quota" are dark, hardcore punk at it's finest, while "Haunted Town" and "We're Da Machine" are a bit catchier and no less intense. "Hand Signals," on the other hand, is a heavy and dark rock.(from www.punknews.org)

Body Bag
Below the Drop
Strong Box
Haunted Town
Mob Clash
We'll Be Here Tomorrow
We're da Machine
Techno's Gone
No Progress
Silent Burn
Hand Signals
Coarse in Vain
**bonus track**

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Stiff Little Fingers - The Peel Sessions (1986) EP

Recorded: 12 Sep 1978
First transmission: 18 Sep 1978

1 Johnny Was
2 Law And Order
3 Barbed Wire Love
4 Suspect Device

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Faucet - Redwoods (1993) 7" Vinyl-Rip

April 1991 saw the birth of Faucet, a powerful Austin based four-piece consisting of Chris Goyer (guitar, vocals), Ray Foreman (guitar) David Dennis (bass), and Snoopy (Drums). That same spring they recorded a 6 song demo partially produced by Rey Washam (Big Boys, Scratch Acid, Tad, Rapeman, and Daddy Longhead).
Since then, Faucet has toured throughout the Midwest and South. After returning from touring in the Spring of 1992, Hugh Jorgen replaced Snoopy on drums. With their new line-up, FAUCET has recorded a 5 song demo which showcases the enigmatic sound of the band - colossal with dark-shadowed lyrics spread over a chaotically twisted but mellifluous groove.
In February 1993, FAUCET jumped in their van and went to Chicago to record their debut single and full length album with Steve Albini. (from www.southern.net)

Ripped from vinyl 7" at 320 kbps

Butt Trumpet - Primitive Enema (1994) LP Vinyl-Rip

Butt Trumpet was a Los Angeles punk band that was known more for its crass lyrics and deliberately offensive style than its music. The group featured two bassists among its members. They became famous in 1994 when their Chrysalis Records debut Primitive Enema was nearly banned from sale in a Massachusetts town after one mother heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to Primitive Enema, which she called "audio porn". Dan Druff played in the group briefly in 1995. The group splintered soon after their major-label debut, Primitive Enema was released, but three of the members regrouped in 1998 as Betty Blowtorch.

2."Funeral Crashing Tonight"
3."I've Been So Mad Lately"
5."Classic Asshole"
7."Dead Dogs"
8."I Left My Flannel In Seattle"
9."I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why"
10."Grindcore Song"
11."Primitive Enema"
12."I Left My Gun In San Francisco"
13."Shut Up"
14."Ten Seconds Of Heaven"
16."Ode To Dickhead"
17."Pink Gun"

Check out their MYSPACE
Ripped from Vinyl Lp at 320 kbps

Maureen Tucker - Life in Exile After Abdication (1989)

Rock & roll is supposed to be a populist medium that provides a musical voice for anyone with the wherewithal to pick up an electric guitar and learn three chords. So how come the majority of its practitioners are physically and/or emotionally adolescent males who can't think of anything better do to than complain about girls? Maureen Tucker blazed many trails in the 1960s as the drummer with the Velvet Underground, but by the 1980s she was a single mother in her mid-forties, raising a family in Georgia and supporting herself with a day job at Wal-Mart. That hardly sounds like the bio of a typical alternative rock musician, but it also means she had a lot more to say about life and where it can take you than most people who pop up on the CMJ charts, and in 1989 she poured a bunch of her life experiences into the album Life in Exile After Abdication. While a number of Tucker's better-known friends stopped by to help her out on these sessions -- including Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Jad Fair, and Daniel Johnston -- this album bears the unmistakable stamp of Moe's personality from start to finish, with songs about the joys of payday, the agonies and responsibilities of work, the loss of old friends, and the liberating power of stripped-down rock & roll. Tucker's songs are smart without the slightest hint of pretension, and discuss the realities of working-class life in a way you usually have to turn to country music to hear on record (punk rock may have made it fashionable to sing about the inequities of capitalism, but no one wrote about the misery of working for Sam Walton like Tucker did on "Spam Again"). And while her plain, homey voice makes her sometimes sound like the lady down the street, she can also shout with authority and enthusiasm, and she can still beat a drum kit like no one else (she's pretty good with a guitar, too). If you ask yourself, "What does a middle-aged woman know about rock & roll?" Life in Exile After Abdication answers, "In Maureen Tucker's case, more than most 20-year-old boys will ever know." It's an album that proves just how much rock & roll can say about life as a grown-up in the real world. (Mark Deming, All Music Guide).

1 Hey Mersh!
2 Spam Again
3 Goodnight Irene
4 Chase
5 Andy
6 Work
7 Pale Blue Eyes
8 Bo Diddley
9 Talk So Mean
10Do It Right
11Guess I'm Falling In Love
12Baby What You Want Me To Do (2:40)
13Why Don't You Smile Now (2:21)
14Hey, Mr. Rain (4:01)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

V.V.A.A. - Terminal City Ricochet (1989) LP Vinyl-Rip

This soundtrack is the genesis for Jello's later collaborations with D.O.A. and Nomeansno.
The movie has never been released in the U.S. and it features Jello Biafra and Joey Shithead from D.O.A..
The release of this film coincided with the first gulf war courtesy of the elder Bush war-criminal.
I personally have never seen this movie (IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO GET A CHANCE TO WATCH IT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW).

The sinopsys of the movie should be that sometime in the future, the developed nations have put up so much junk into space that the real danger in that time is having it come down on top of you. The entire civilization of the planet has been devastated by these man-made meteors, and decaying institutions are an additional hazard. In the story, Ross Gilmore is campaigning for reelection as the mayor of a city which he has run with the help of thuggish policemen. A few, honest citizens, work up the courage to object to this state of things. (Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide)

a1 DOA - Behind The Smile
a2 The Beatnigs - Television
a3 Jello Biafra w/Nomeansno - Falling Space Junk (Hold The Anchovies)
a4 Braineater I - Modern Man
a5 Gerry Hannah - Living With The Lies
a6 Art Bergmann - War Party
b1 Jello Biafra w/DOA - That's Progress
b2 Evan Johns & The H. Bombs - Madhouse
b3 Nomeansno - It's Catching Up
b4 Groovaholics - Pull The Trigger, Sunshine!
b5 DOA - Concrete Beach
b6 Jello Biafra w/Keith LeBlanc - Message From Our Sponsor /Object-Subject

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The Birthday Party - The Bad Seed (1982) 12" Ep Vinyl-Rip

The Birthday Party were one of the darkest and most challenging post-punk groups to emerge in the early '80s, creating bleak and noisy soundscapes that provided the perfect setting for vocalist Nick Cave's difficult, disturbing stories of religion, violence, and perversity. Under the direction of Cave and guitarist Rowland S. Howard, the band tore through reams of blues and rockabilly licks, spitting out hellacious feedback and noise at an unrelenting pace. As the Birthday Party's career progressed, Cave's vision got darker and the band's songs alternated between dirges to blistering sonic assaults.(from http://social.zune.net)
This one here is one my favourite Party album(EP?!?).
a1 Sonnys Burning
a2 Wildworld
b1 Deep In The Woods
b2 Fears Of Gun

Ripped at 320 kbps from 12" vinyl ep
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

14 iced bears - Inside (1986) 7" EP Vinyl-Rip

Formed in 1985 by Rob Sekula, 14 Iced Bears ably blended shambolic pop with a psychedelic punk edge that set them apart from their C86 contemporaries. Inspired by bands like the Stooges, Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators and Echo & the Bunnymen, Sekula injected the then-nascent indie-pop sound with a twisted dose of noise and experimental menace. While still owing plenty to the Byrds/Ramones influences evident in the output of labels like Creation and Pink, it was this dark 60s flavor that always set the 'Bears apart. Their first single, Inside, appeared on TV Personality Mark Flunder's Frank label in late 1986 and was an instant success. BBC recording sessions for John Peel and fanzine/music weekly adulation quickly followed.

The cover is an hand screened paper bag.

a1 Inside
a2 Blue suit
b1 Suit

Ripped from the original vinyl at 320 kbps

The Yobs - Christmas Album (1980) LP Vinyl-Rip

The Yobs were the alter-egos of The Boys. Having released an album and two singles on NEMS, they decided to rearrange the 'B' and 'Y' and became The Yobs for their Christmas 1977 single "Run Rudolph Run" c/w "Worm Song". Following the release of "Alternative Chartbusters" The Boys went into dispute with their record company and bootlegged themselves as The Yobs for their Christmas 1978 offering of "Silent Night" c/w "Stille Nacht"
After signing for Safari in 1979 "Little Drummer Boy" was given The Yobs treatment and appeared as "Rub A Dum Dum" in time for Christmas. To promote "Rub A Dum Dum" The Yobs appeared live at the Safari Christmas Party on 29 November 1979 at the Music Machine with ex-Heavy Metal Kids vocalist Gary Holton as MC. They were supported by fellow Safari stable mates Toyah and The Boys! The Yobs came on with stockings over their heads to conceal their identities but only managed to play a few songs before the stage was invaded by punks. The over-enthusiastic stage invaders wrecked all the equipment including the hired tubular bells and PA system, so the gig had to be abandoned. Understandably, it was to be the only time the five original Yobs appeared live on stage together although they have made a few live appearances in recent years featuring different line-ups. The most notable being as support to Die Toten Hosen in Germany.
After Baron von Bratboy had left the band they released "The Yobs Christmas Album" in 1980, adopting the names of H J Bedwetter, Noddy Oldfield, Ebenezer Polak and Kid Vicious. In true Yobs style the album was written, recorded and mixed in two days at Pete Townsend’s Eel Pie Studios. (from The Boys Website)

A1 Rub-A-Dum Dum
A2 The Ballad Of The Warrington
A3 Another Christmas
A4 Doggy
A5 Jingle Bells
A6 Auld Lang Syne
B1 Silent Night
B2 Silver Bells
B3 C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
B4 Gloria
B5 12 Days Of Christmas
B6 White Christmas
B7 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
B8 May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You

Ripped from christmassy vinyl at 320 kbps

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Boys - The Boys (1977) LP Vinyl-Rip

Formed by members of The Hollywood Brats, The Boys first show was at the Hope and Anchor in Islington in September 1976.
This one here is their first album, probably one of the best LP of the '70s.

They also put out a bunch of album as "The Yobs", which i'm going to be posting in the future.

a1 Sick On You
a2 I Call Your Name
a3 Tumble With Me
a4 Tonight
a5 I Don’t Care
a6 Soda Pressing
a7 No Money
b1 First Time
b2 Box Number
b3 Kiss Like A Nun
b4 Cop Cars
b5 Keep Running
b6 Tenement Kids
b7 Living In The City

Here is The Boys website.

Ripped at 320 kbps from vinyl

The Rings - I wanna be free/Automobile (1977) 7" Vinyl-Rip

I personally love this single.
Two perfect punk songs, simple, short and catchy.
Unfortunately this was the only release The Rings put out.

a1 I wanna be free
b1 Automobile

More info here
Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps

Monday, March 9, 2009

2BAD - Get fat and die (1990) LP Vinyl-Rip

I believe this one here is among the best european post-hardcore album ever, by ex-members of german Hardcore-pioneers CHALLENGER CREW teaming up with SPERMBIRDS-singer Lee Hollis!
This record rocks!!!

a1 You say
a2 No blood
a3 Bad day (at the office)
a4 Feelin'good
a5 I didn't think so
a6 Halfway
b1 Walk in the sun
b2 Good lil' zombie
b3 Get fat an die
b4 Last time
b5 Power

Ripped at 320kbps from not so shiny vynil


The Boys - Alternative Chartbusters (1978) LP Vinyl-Rip

The Boys were perhaps punk's saddest casualty. They could -- indeed, should -- have been enormous. Certainly they were one of the finest live acts around, but still they were to languish in comparative obscurity, with even their continental success seemingly working against them.

1. Brickfield Nights
2. U.S.I.
3. Taking on the World
4. Sway (Quien Sera)
5. Do the Contract Hustle
6. Heroine
7. Not Ready
8. Classified Suzie
9. T.C.P.
10. Neighbourhood Brat
11. Stop Stop Stop
12. Backstage Pass
13. Talking
14. Cast of Thousands

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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Nuns - The Nuns (1980) Lp Vinyl-Rip

San Francisco punks the Nuns are remembered today as the first blip on Alejandro Escovedo's march to finding his voice as a singer/songwriter. But that's not fair, because the Nuns had no trouble standing out in a scene that produced such a wealth of distinctive bands. No less than three people share the microphone, though Jennifer Miro -- who sounds uncannily like her Blondie counterpart, Deborah Harry -- possesses the most appealing voice. Miro's glacial keyboards also carry the main melodic load on tracks like "Suicide Child" -- which laments a friend's self-destruction -- and &Walkin' the Beat," a salute to city night life. Guitarist Pat Ryan is also a distinctive presence, lending the appropriate quota of muscular barre chord parts on "Media Control," "World War III," and "Child Molester" -- which takes an unlikely look at the issue from the offender's eyes ("Where are they gonna put me?"). Old friends also fall out in "Getting Straight," which gives the punk-versus-mainstream wars yet another airing. But it's Miro's barbed charisma that captivates -- whether she wants someone to be her "Savage," proud of being "Wild," or simply "Lazy." The latter number is a solo piano ballad on which Miro asserts that falling in love is too bothersome, so she'd rather just watch TV. It's a lovely admission of vulnerability from behind the hardbitten sheen. Where the Nuns could have gone from here is anybody's guess -- since this is such a schizophrenic album -- but worth revisiting as a minor classic of the late-'70s punk era. (from Allmusic.com)

A1 Savage
A2 Media Control
A3 You Think You're The Best
A4 Wold War III
A5 Walkin' The Beat
B1 Wild
B2 Getting Stright
B3 Confused
B4 Child Molester
B5 Suicide Child
B6 Lazy

Ripped from vynil at 320 kbps

The Fall - Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (1981) 7" Vinyl-Rip

1981 7" by The Fall

a1 Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
b1 Fantastic Life

Ripped at 320kbps from vynil


Channel 3 - I've got a gun (1982) LP Vinyl-Rip

Born in Cerritos, California, Channel 3 were one of a clutch of LA-area bands who broke out during the hardcore years of the early 80s. They were also one of the best, with a fantastically robust punk ‘n’ roll sound.
More on MySpace

Ripped from perfect vynil at 320 kbps


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds (1979) LP Vynil-Rip

This is a great album!!!!!!
With Prehistoric Sounds (the last record of the band's original lineup), the Saints provide the textbook by which to make a great rock record where horns play as much of a role as guitar. Further extracting themselves from the limitations of punk, the band retains the attitude and turns it into a smart, bluesy, gutsy combination of controlled power. There's more dip in the hip and additional swagger. The days of "(I'm) Stranded" might have been long gone, but the varied tempos and sophisticated songwriting don't sacrifice the band's intensity at all. The horns are the real treat, a central element to the record's solidity. They don't make the Saints sound like Chicago, and they don't make them sound like a faux '70s soul band -- they don't make them sound like the Doors of "Touch Me" or the Bowie of Young Americans, either. Whether used for the basis or just punctuation of each song, the tasteful use of saxophones is a genuine masterstroke. The dynamic "Brisbane (Security City)" -- which is like an update of the Stooges' "1969" and "1970" in terms of subject matter -- is the high point. After two minutes of Chris Bailey's Iggy-like lament on his hometown, the medium tempo shifts into high gear, thanks to rhythmic overdrive, charged guitars, and (of course) the ubiquitous horns. Other bright spots include "Every Day's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party" and an energetic cover of Otis Redding's "Security," where Bailey sounds so much like a young Van Morrison that it's scary. (from Allmusic.com)

A1 Swing For The Crime
A2 All Times Through Paradise
A3 Every Day's A Holiday, Every Night's A Party
A4 Brisbane (Security City)
A5 Church Of Indifference
A6 Crazy Googenheimer Blues
B1 Everything's Fine
B2 The Prisoner
B3 Security
B4 This Time
B5 Take This Heart Of Mine
B6 Chameleon
B7 Save Me

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Swell Maps - Let's Build A Car 7"(1979) Vynil-rip

7" single that the Swell Maps recorded before their final studio LP, Jane from Occupied Europe.
None of the tracks on this 7" appeared on a regular album.
Let's Build A Car
Big Maz In The Country
...Then Poland

Ripped from 7" vynil at 320 kbps
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