Wednesday, January 28, 2009

V.V.A.A. - The decline of the western civilization LP (1981)

  1. White Minority (Black Flag)
  2. Depression (Black Flag)
  3. Revenge (Black Flag)
  4. Manimal (The Germs)
  5. Underground Babylon (Catholic Discipline)
  6. Beyond And Back (X)
  7. Johny Hit And Run Paulene (X)
  8. We're Desperate (X)
  9. Red Tape (Circle Jerks)
  10. Back Against The Wall (Circle Jerks)
  11. I Just Want Some Skank (Circle Jerks)
  12. Beverly Hills (Circle Jerks)
  13. Gluttony (The Bags)
  14. I Don't Care About You (Fear)
  15. I Love Livin' In The City (Fear)
  16. Fear Anthem (Fear)
Ripped from vinyl at 320

......and if you are interested in the movie-which is a piece of art/heart- just go here


  1. Excellent! I didn't know there was a soundtrack for this great movie.

    Really nice blog by the way!

  2. thanks
    i think this only came out on vinyl(but i might be wrong)
    not a single weak song
    still fills me up whit great feelings each time i listen to it
    the X rules