Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bivouac - Good day song (1993) 7" vinyl-rip

Bivouac first came into existence in the early '90s in West Yorkshire, Britain. The band was made up of singer/guitarist Paul Yeadon, bassist Granville Marsden, and drummer Keith York. Their earlier efforts sounded a bit like Teenage Fanclub or Superchunk with their strong melodies and loud guitars; in fact, they had such a solid sound to begin with that they ended up signing with Elemental Records almost immediately after playing only a few shows and recording one demo. The band released two albums through the label, 1993's Derby & Joan and 1994's Tuber. The albums were big indie successes, big enough to where Elemental owner Nick Evans personally asked the group to move on to bigger pastures. Upon becoming free agents they were picked up by DGC, who released Full Size Boy to little reaction despite the good reviews it garnered. The band eventually disbanded quietly after their lack of success, with Yeadon going on to do work with Pitchshifter. (

a1 Good day song
b1 Squeakers,bess,bread,beans and cash

Ripped from 7" at 320 kbps


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