Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pond - Wheel / Cinders (1992) 7" Vinyl-Rip

Of the many Pacific Northwest bands signed to Sub Pop following the great grunge gold rush of '91, Pond never earned the critical hosannas and commercial rewards heaped on many of their contemporaries, but their records have withstood the test of time surprisingly well thanks to a knack for smart pop hooks that perfectly complemented their post-punk angularity, and effectively anticipated the emergence of emo years ahead of the fact. Pond's Jon Auer-produced Sub Pop debut single immediately proclaims the group's strengths -- both "Wheel" and "Cinders" boast driving, taut melodies, surprising structural intricacies, and the spirited vocals of Charlie Campbell. And what no doubt seemed out of step with the prevailing musical tastes of 1992 now sounds positively timeless as the years continue zipping past. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

More info about the band here

a1 Wheel
b1 Cinders

Ripped from 7" at 320 kbps

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