Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fast Floyd and The Famous Firebirds - Devil's daughter (1983) LP Vinyl-Rip

Early Mink DeVille sideman Fast Floyd (vocals/guitar) fronts this red-hot San Francisco R&B quintet, breathlessly belting out sizzling numbers (most of them covers) like "You Talk Too Much," "Wish You Would" and "Got the Water Boiling." Floyd's punkabilly whoop — like Tav Falco on steroids or Lux Interior minus the punk kitsch — adds gusto to the frenzied atmosphere; Franco St. Andrew blows a horny enough tenor sax to steam up some windows of his own. Capping off this dynamite blast of retro-styled party rock, the nudie cover shot of '50s sex queen Candy Barr nuzzling up to a phonograph perfectly captures the album's goodnatured sleaze.

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps


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  3. I was in Fast Floyd & the Firebirds, the first lead singer
    I left because Floyd was very violent and tried to kill me, then stalked me, then held a razor a millimeter from my face. Two months later he slashed Eva Tuffanelli's face with a broken beer bottle at a "dinner party" at Siobhan Lowe's.

    He did, however, start Mink deVille and Willie and his psycho-wife, Susan Berman- "Toots" (who was hardly a Basque Apache dancer as she said but was the daughter of a rich Jewish guy who manufactured expensive men's clothing (Palm Beach Clothes) screwed him. When Willie didn't need Susan's money anymore, he screwed her, too. And he screwed Ruben Siguenza, the bass player, and Manfred Jones, the drummer

    I believe Willie never got real fame because this karma caught up to him

    Floyd was never the same after this happened. He and Willie were childhood friends, robbed houses in Greenwich, CT together until they got caught and lived on the streets of Greenwich Village together for two or three years

    Willie hadn't been in band for years when Floyd induced him to come to CA from CT to join Floyd's band, Lazy Ace. Floyd then started Mink deVille and asked Willie to be the lead singer

    Floyd was never the same after this

    Silke Berlinn

    1. Fast Floyd, aka Robert Henry McKenzie, born October 31, 1950, oldest of six children. Brutally beaten as child by alcoholic father (WW2 Marine Corps vet), IQ testing revealed "genius" level, fought for his life on many levels. Suicided in May 1993, his apartment held floor to ceiling books on history, war, music. Huge collection of vinyl and ancient weapons. Admired and respected musician historian and R&B man. We miss this smart hard rebel.

  4. Delete name Tuffanelli from this site. It was over 30 years ago and should not pop up for all to see in 2009 and still in 2014....disgusted to have the past brought up for this woman.

  5. Floyd, Fast Floyd, a hugely talented man who had a tough early life that was reflected in his later years. I knew him well, having met him at Ye Olde Rose and Thistle in San Francisco, we lived together in his basement apartment in San Rafael for several months. This was during the time when his musical career in decline and he was no longer in demand as "Fast Floyd and His Famous Firebirds", one of his last shows was at the "Grant & Green" in the North Beach area of San Francisco.

    There are those who were very close to Floyd, yet had no clue who he really was and what he was capable of doing to the women who tried to love him.. I'm pretty sure I was the last. Unfortunately, his last years of life were the kind one would was not want romanticize. Yes, Floyd loved his Japanese Samurai Swords and had a lovely collection of them, but it was pretty sad to go with him to sell his guitars to pay the rent with because I wouldn't support his by becoming a call girl. Every now and then he would drive to one of the local record shops in Marin to send me in to see if they would buy one of his records, "got one already" was the standard answer and said with a sneer. It was a sad life and I felt trapped, he wouldn't let me out of his sight and spoke often of suicide, the night I woke up with him next to me holding a gun, scared me because there was no way I could convince him that his musical life was not over.

    I'm not going to give anymore details of my life with Floyd, let it suffice to say I escaped death. The only thing I want to say is the way he ended his life was bad, very bad not only for himself but for the others he hurt and narrowly missed taking with him. Please don't romanticize the man known as Fast Floyd because it just isn't pretty. He may have been very intelligent but Robert Henry McKenzie was not a totally honorable Man.