Friday, April 16, 2010

VV.AA - Marty Thau Presents 2x5

NY punk compilation produced by Blondie's Jimmy Destri and featuring the Fleshtones, Revelons, Bloodless Pharaohs (Brian Setzer's pre-Stray Cats band), Comateens and Student Teachers.
At a time when disco reigned supreme the five innovative young New York bands featured on this unique compilation searched for an alternative. Borrowing liberally from the great bands of rock ‘n’ roll, they created 2x5’s music with an infectious spirit and energy in the tradition of the original nuggets bands like The Standells, Love and Chocolate Watch Band.
A gem!!!

1.“Shadow Line” Fleshtones
2.“Fascination” Fleshtones
3. “Bloodless Pharaoh” Bloodless Pharaohs ft. Brian Setzer
4.“Nowhere Fast” Bloodless Pharaohs ft. Brian Setzer
5.“Overseas” Comateens
6.“Late Night Cry” Comateens
7.“Red Hot Women” Revelons
8.“Cindy” Revelons
9.“Looks” Student Teachers
10.“What I Can’t Feel” Student Teachers

Ripped from Lp at 320 kbps



  1. I like so much pun but I think that sometimes these new tendencies are a bit commercial, because you can see that in the way they wearing and also the style they have to sing, I think that's not punk is something softer.

  2. **THANKS SO MUCH for this fantastic lp!! Nice rip, I love that vinyl sound; but especially this amazing collection of red-hot rock n' roll kicks! Call it what you want, it still gives me chills - about as exciting as music ever gets!CHEERS!!8-)
    Rock ON Everybody!

  3. By the bye, does anyone know where to find
    A 1981 record that lines up well with this one!