Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silver Chapter - Teenage Screamer (1990) 12" EP Vinyl Rip

Profoundly superficial and lovin' every minute of it, with an overly keen sardonic embrace of 70s kitsch and 50s retro. Silver Chapter took their love of Kiss and Gene Vincent right to the tips of their flat-tops and back again. Appreciated by the Spacemen 3 and the Pixies alike, they were a welcome release from the uptight shoe-gazers of the early nineties. Short, sweet, neat and slapping your face like an old-fashioned washboard. (from

1 Teenage Screamer
2 Ramalama (ramalamalama)
3 Cleopatra
4 Angel b true

Ripped from 12"EP at 320 kbps

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  1. Loved these got a flexi by them off sniffin rock mag (i think),and three 12's including this and teenage screamer 7' in a great yellow musical note sleeve.

    Did they ever release an album or did any demos surface?
    Got a nice letter off Eugene and loads of clippings of gig reviews etc which is in 1 off the sleeves still.