Friday, April 3, 2009

The Cardiacs - Day is gone (1991) 12" Ep Vinyl-Rip

Cardiacs are an English band formed in 1976. Their broad combination of styles is sometimes referred to as Pronk (progressive punk), although singer Tim Smith prefers the description "Psychedelic" or simply "Pop". Their music is underpinned by Smith's unique singing and songwriting styles, and his poetically cryptic, philosophical and abstract lyrics.
Throughout their long career both fans and critics have always described their sound as entirely unique, varied, complex and often intense.
The music magazine Organ has commented that "one Cardiacs song contains enough ideas for most other band’s entire careers".
The band are also renowned for their profound influence on over three decades of musicians (including the pioneers of the Nu Metal, Avant-Garde Metal and Math Rock genres), manic stage performances and for their strong and enduring cult appeal.
"Day Is Gone" is the sixth single from Cardiacs, taken from the album, Heaven Born and Ever Bright. The other three tracks on the single are exclusive to this release. (from Wikipedia)

Bic Hayes originally recorded the guitar parts. When he was replaced by Jon Poole, much of the guitar was re-recorded, although exactly how much is not clear.

Ripped from 12"vinyl at 320 kbps
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  1. A fabulous EP by a spectacular band. All the tunes are amazing - No Bright Side in particular remains one of my all time favourites and is a significantly unheard gem.

  2. This EP must be one of the rarest things in recording history! I cannot find it anywhere. I saw them play Ideal years back and have never been able to find it. Oh well...

  3. This CD fetches around £160 on eBay