Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Zeros - Don't push me around (1991)

The Zeros, aka "the Mexican Ramones", were an American punk rock band, formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. The band was composed of Javier Escovedo (younger brother of Alejandro Escovedo) on vocals/guitar and Robert Lopez (later known as El Vez, "The Mexican Elvis") on guitar, who were both attending Chula Vista High School; and Hector Penalosa, bass, and Baba Chenelle, drums, who attended Sweetwater High School.

In 1977, The Zeros played their first major gig in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater, across the street from Tower Records/Sunset Strip, an influential record store. Opening the show was the first ever performance by The Germs, followed by The Zeros and then The Weirdos. The gig was promoted by Peter Case of The Nerves who later fronted The Breakaways and The Plimsouls. The Zeros first release, "Wimp" b/w "Don't Push Me Around" was released in 1977 on Bomp Records.

In 1978, Hector left the band briefly to live and play in Los Angeles, and was replaced by Guy Lopez, Robert’s brother. Soon after, Robert left to live in L.A. as well and his brother quit the Zeros also. Hector rejoined the band and they continued as a trio, and eventually relocated to San Francisco. In 1980, the band recorded a new single with the songs "They say," "Girl on the Block" and "Getting Nowhere Fast." After more touring that led to Austin, Texas and New York City, the band fizzled out. (from Wikipedia)

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