Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Leaving Trains - Transportational D. Vices (1989) LP Vinyl-Rip

Guided by magic-man producer Earle Mankey (the Weirdos, Runaways, Concrete Blonde), the Trains recorded two diametrically opposed albums in the late '80s: the short-&-sweet, hard-&-fast punk barrage TRANSPORTATIONAL D. VICES, with guitarist Sam Merrick (Bobbi Brat, the Nymphs); and the languorously obsessive collection of interwoven doom-ridden love songs, SLEEPING UNDERWATER SURVIVORS, recorded with Nymphs guitarist Bobby Belltower during Falling James' 1989-1990 stormy marriage to pre-fame Courtney Love (before everything fell apart, James also produced Hole's debut single).

A1 Dude The Cat
A2 Love Or Die
A3 Cement
A4 Store
A5 Diggin' You
A6 You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
A7 Payday
A8 Sue Wants To Sleep
B1 Dead Days
B2 The Worst
B3 Any Old Time
B4 Favorite Bar
B5 Bad Mood
B6 Black Hole
B7 Everybody Loves A Clown

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Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps
File size: 45982 KB

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