Friday, February 20, 2009

The Leaving Trains - Well Down Blue Highway LP (1984) Vynil-rip

An indie-rock subversive who has been known to perform in dresses almost as much as his ex-wife Courtney Love, Falling James (Moreland) has led the Leaving Trains with a revolving lineup since the group formed in 1980. Originally in a Los Angeles punk band named the Mongrels during 1978-79, Falling James formed the Downers in 1980 (with David Roback, later of Mazzy Star, and John Hoffs, the brother of the Bangles sisters) and then the Leaving Trains later that year, with guitarist Manfred Hofer, bassist Tom Hofer, keyboard player Sylvia Juncosa and drummer Hillary Laddin. The band gigged around the area during the next three years, but included only the Hofer brothers by the time Leaving Trains debuted on vinyl with 1984's Well Down Blue Highway, on Bemisbrain/Enigma Records. (From
Great and rare to find album.

a1 Bringing Down the House
a2 Leaving Train
a3 All My Friends
a4 Always Between Wars
a5 You Can't See
a6 I Am in a World Crash With You
a7 March 7th
b1 Hometown Blues
b2 She Knows the Rain
b3 Creeping coastline of lights
b4 Virginia city
b5 Going Down to Town

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps



  1. Leaving Trains. Wonderful. good memories here. Thanx!

  2. Great band, a very good lp that is much different then the other Leaving Trains Lps.

  3. that's cuz the lineup was better :)

  4. Thank you so much! I loved this record and I'm so happy to have a copy again! I actually jumped on stage with James at a show and slopped thru "A Drunker Version of You!" Does any one have Kill Tunes mp3's??

  5. how the hell do u open an RAR file?

  6. any no-wave/noise rare video shows,get a leaving trains live vid,maybe some old or other bands,get in touch
    tons to trade

  7. I have extracted tons of rar files using bitzipper. The steps are: 1. download 2. tell your 'puter where you want the files extracted to. If you have lots of room on yr hard drive you could do that, but I use a seperate hard drive cause I download so much. 3. Open it in your itunes library (or whtever you use)

  8. I know I'm WAY late to this party - but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting this.

    Been looking for this album off and on for 20 years! FINALLY!!!!!

  9. I hust found a copy. Any idea on the value?

  10. R.E.M. would die to make this album

  11. thx yo!
    been looking for this forev