Monday, March 16, 2009

Faucet - Redwoods (1993) 7" Vinyl-Rip

April 1991 saw the birth of Faucet, a powerful Austin based four-piece consisting of Chris Goyer (guitar, vocals), Ray Foreman (guitar) David Dennis (bass), and Snoopy (Drums). That same spring they recorded a 6 song demo partially produced by Rey Washam (Big Boys, Scratch Acid, Tad, Rapeman, and Daddy Longhead).
Since then, Faucet has toured throughout the Midwest and South. After returning from touring in the Spring of 1992, Hugh Jorgen replaced Snoopy on drums. With their new line-up, FAUCET has recorded a 5 song demo which showcases the enigmatic sound of the band - colossal with dark-shadowed lyrics spread over a chaotically twisted but mellifluous groove.
In February 1993, FAUCET jumped in their van and went to Chicago to record their debut single and full length album with Steve Albini. (from

Ripped from vinyl 7" at 320 kbps

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