Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Saints - Prehistoric Sounds (1979) LP Vynil-Rip

This is a great album!!!!!!
With Prehistoric Sounds (the last record of the band's original lineup), the Saints provide the textbook by which to make a great rock record where horns play as much of a role as guitar. Further extracting themselves from the limitations of punk, the band retains the attitude and turns it into a smart, bluesy, gutsy combination of controlled power. There's more dip in the hip and additional swagger. The days of "(I'm) Stranded" might have been long gone, but the varied tempos and sophisticated songwriting don't sacrifice the band's intensity at all. The horns are the real treat, a central element to the record's solidity. They don't make the Saints sound like Chicago, and they don't make them sound like a faux '70s soul band -- they don't make them sound like the Doors of "Touch Me" or the Bowie of Young Americans, either. Whether used for the basis or just punctuation of each song, the tasteful use of saxophones is a genuine masterstroke. The dynamic "Brisbane (Security City)" -- which is like an update of the Stooges' "1969" and "1970" in terms of subject matter -- is the high point. After two minutes of Chris Bailey's Iggy-like lament on his hometown, the medium tempo shifts into high gear, thanks to rhythmic overdrive, charged guitars, and (of course) the ubiquitous horns. Other bright spots include "Every Day's a Holiday, Every Night's a Party" and an energetic cover of Otis Redding's "Security," where Bailey sounds so much like a young Van Morrison that it's scary. (from Allmusic.com)

A1 Swing For The Crime
A2 All Times Through Paradise
A3 Every Day's A Holiday, Every Night's A Party
A4 Brisbane (Security City)
A5 Church Of Indifference
A6 Crazy Googenheimer Blues
B1 Everything's Fine
B2 The Prisoner
B3 Security
B4 This Time
B5 Take This Heart Of Mine
B6 Chameleon
B7 Save Me

Ripped from Vynil LP at 320 kbps
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  1. hey nice work ! good to see this on the net & i like your review your comments about how it isnt derivative of similar horn section records are spot on ... i got this on vinyl pretty much the day it come out , i was a big fan of the previous 2 lp's especially 'eternally yours' & it seemed like a natural progression to me . it was abit patchy but for my money it doesn't get any better than the first 4 tracks of side 1 & the 1st 2 tracks & 6th tracks of side 2 ... all the rest are pretty good to , but then thats just my take on it .

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