Monday, March 16, 2009

Butt Trumpet - Primitive Enema (1994) LP Vinyl-Rip

Butt Trumpet was a Los Angeles punk band that was known more for its crass lyrics and deliberately offensive style than its music. The group featured two bassists among its members. They became famous in 1994 when their Chrysalis Records debut Primitive Enema was nearly banned from sale in a Massachusetts town after one mother heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to Primitive Enema, which she called "audio porn". Dan Druff played in the group briefly in 1995. The group splintered soon after their major-label debut, Primitive Enema was released, but three of the members regrouped in 1998 as Betty Blowtorch.

2."Funeral Crashing Tonight"
3."I've Been So Mad Lately"
5."Classic Asshole"
7."Dead Dogs"
8."I Left My Flannel In Seattle"
9."I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why"
10."Grindcore Song"
11."Primitive Enema"
12."I Left My Gun In San Francisco"
13."Shut Up"
14."Ten Seconds Of Heaven"
16."Ode To Dickhead"
17."Pink Gun"

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Ripped from Vinyl Lp at 320 kbps

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