Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Effigies - Remains nonviewable (1995)

I used to love The Effigies(and still do), so i found this in my Pandora's box and i thought to share it.
Easy as it is.

For those of you that don't know, the Effigies are the greatest punk rock/hardcore band to ever come out of Chicago in the 80's. This career retrospective compiles all of their classic songs onto one disc.
Not only does this band write great songs, but they know how to play them as well. The Effigies are very gifted and creative musicians, as there are a variety of different musical influences present on this album, yet it all seems to fit nicely together.
"Security" is easily one of the catchiest anthems in punk rock history; the song blends both funk and hard rock through a punk blender. "Body Bag" and "Quota" are dark, hardcore punk at it's finest, while "Haunted Town" and "We're Da Machine" are a bit catchier and no less intense. "Hand Signals," on the other hand, is a heavy and dark rock.(from www.punknews.org)

Body Bag
Below the Drop
Strong Box
Haunted Town
Mob Clash
We'll Be Here Tomorrow
We're da Machine
Techno's Gone
No Progress
Silent Burn
Hand Signals
Coarse in Vain
**bonus track**

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  1. Great blog, cheers! Any chance of a new link for this one? Would be very much appreciated :-)

  2. here it is
    just reuploaded
    enjoy what i believe is one the the best punk albums ever

  3. A very late answer...THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the re-up :-)

  4. Great post, thanx. Luis from Columbia.