Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moe Tucker - I Spent A Week There The Other Night (1991)

With more help from her indie-rock bigshot pals (Don Fleming, Brian Ritchie), this album also featured the first (sort of) Velvet Underground reunion, with Cale, Reed and Sterling Morrison guesting on separate tracks. Covering "And Then He Kissed Me" was inspired, as is the inclusion of the accusatory (and appropriately titled) "Fired Up." From start to finish, it rocks like crazy.(

Ripped at 320 kbps


  1. ESP ? When you posted "Life in Exile After Abdication" a few weeks ago I was hoping as I downloaded it that you might also post this Moe Tucker album too [It's the only one I don't have in some form] and ~~~>>> Here it is !!! Thanks for the time & effort you spend posting this and other great music... It is emphatically appreciated... Hey Mersh!
    PS: If interested I have a 3-4 song CD single I bought off Moe's web site "The Tahsh Moe Hall" something like that... anyways it's pretty cool i'd need to dig it out to check the songs & Who all plays on it... I think it was one of the last things she put out that I know of + she was cool enough to sign it 4 me !!! A highly praised item in my collection for sure.
    Thanx Again...

  2. don't know if it's ESP.....
    but a few days ago i was lookin at Moe Tucker's personal website in order to get stuff from her, when i realised that the site is not working anymore for buying stuff...and now you come saying you own a single cd!!!!
    Why don't you post it on Tooshortalife?
    you might just send me the ripped tracks with a comment on on the record....i'd post it right away under your name as contributor.
    Thanks for comments and apprciations.