Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Mans Land - Anything at all (1986) 7" Vinyl-Rip

I bought this record with a bunch of others from Australia and New Zealand few weeks ago at a used records store for very little €s.
This one here i had to wash it and rinse it and wash it again because it was in a pretty bad shape. I've been able to recover it and with some declick during the editing part here you have two great songs from an unknown band (to me at least).
If someone can help me finding more news and music about this band, i would be grateful!!!!
This is worth the download !!!

a1 Anything at all
b1 Heartbreak Hotel

Ripped from very scratchy 7" at 320 kbps
File size: 28743 KB

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  1. No Mans Land were a Sydney Australian group from the late 80s that issued some product on Au-go-go Records. They were very underrated and to my knowledge, never toured much outside of their home town.

    One of their tracks that appeared on the promo 7" 'Going to Au-go-go' has a very Screaming Trees like vibe to it.

    They were aside Specters Revenge Sydney groups that fell by the wayside and never receiving just attention in a scene dominated by Citadel and Waterfront acts.