Monday, March 2, 2009

The Infinite X's - Infinite X's (2002)

After a few short months holed up in Los Angeles in 2001 writing new material, Jody Bleyle (ex-Team Dresch, ex-Hazel) and Tamala Poljak (ex-Longstocking, ex-Automaticians) emerged with the opus that has become the self-titled Chainsaw Records debut by Infinite X's. Everything between the opening track, "Welcome to the Show," showcasing the songwriting and vocal skills of guitarist Whitney Skillcorn (ex-Fighter D, ex-The Little Deaths), and Poljak's album closer, "Brand New Reconnection," is a joyride combining the best of Bleyle's punk anthems with Poljak's pop masterpieces, sprinked with Skillcorn's soft spoken pop punk gems. Scotty Walsh, also of the Automaticans, rounds out the line-up on drums.

The Infinite X's-Shoot 'em in the Foot

Ripped at 320kbps

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