Monday, March 9, 2009

2BAD - Get fat and die (1990) LP Vinyl-Rip

I believe this one here is among the best european post-hardcore album ever, by ex-members of german Hardcore-pioneers CHALLENGER CREW teaming up with SPERMBIRDS-singer Lee Hollis!
This record rocks!!!

a1 You say
a2 No blood
a3 Bad day (at the office)
a4 Feelin'good
a5 I didn't think so
a6 Halfway
b1 Walk in the sun
b2 Good lil' zombie
b3 Get fat an die
b4 Last time
b5 Power

Ripped at 320kbps from not so shiny vynil



  1. Thanks so much for this, I actually like this one better than back then (expecting the usual punkrock) and been looking for it for quite some time!

  2. hi there, thanks for the album. i have the vinyl version as well as the other LPs. I could upload them if i knew how to...

  3. If you find a way to connect your amplifier to the pc via audio card(I use tape out on the amp and line in on the pc)and record the albums i would be glad to have it uploaded on this blog.

  4. I discovered 2 Bad on the radio, I think it was in 1985, then I bought their second record "Idiot tree".
    Unfurtunatly, the song I have heard from them was not on this record.
    Then I started looking for "Get fat & die", in vain...
    Until this morning, 25 years have past, I get a little more fat but I'm not dead and now I know the name of this song "You say" !
    Big big thank for sharing this !!!