Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pastels - Baby You're Just You (1989) 12" Vinyl-Rip

The Pastels are legendary. Their story goes back to the early '80s, when Stephen McRobbie (known as Stephen Pastel) and David Keegan co-owned a record label called 53rd & 3rd, home to beloved and influential bands such as The Vaselines and The Soup Dragons. They also played in a group named The Shop Assistants together with a girl, Aggi Wright. Stephen and Aggi soon broke off into their own group, which they named The Pastels. They released a number of singles in the mid '80s until 1987 when they released their first LP, entitled Up For A Bit With The Pastels. Early on, the lineup of the Pastels included members of Teenage Fanclub and The Vaselines, and David from the Shop Assistants even joined up for a time. These different groups and their contemporaries pioneered an entirely new genre of music that developed from labels such as their 53rd & 3rd, Subway, Pink, Creation, Glass, and others. The genre was known as a number of different things, early on called "shambling" or "anorak" pop, and now known commonly as Twee or as c86 - after the benchmark cassette compilation named c86 that music mag NME released in 1986, which The Pastels and other groups of this music style appeared on. The style is most unique for the jangling guitar lines, vocals that are usually pleasantly out of tune, and a certain hypersensitive personality backing everything. Certainly, much of the Pastels music would fit this description.

Finally in the late '80s some rearranging was needed and the group became a permanent trio consisting of Stephen, Aggi, and Katrina Mitchell, who was a fan of the group and would come to their shows. It was a bit of reworking of the lineup and the Pastels as a whole, with Katrina and Aggi learning drums and bass from scratch. This became the definitive lineup of the group and they released some of their greatest material throughout the early and mid-90s. They collaborated with Jad Fair in 1992, and released the LP Mobile Safari in 1995. With this release they found permanent homes with Domino records in the UK and here at Up Records in the US. Following these next few albums they began collaborating with many of their friends and contemporaries, both on their own releases and guesting on a wide range of friends' albums. Most recently Stephen has formed a record label once again, named Geographic, and The Pastels wrote music for a good film - The Last Great Wilderness. They play the occasional show and are still writing music in between running the label.(from

A1 Baby You're Just You
B1 Holy Moly
B2 Ugly Town

Ripped at 320 kbps from 12" vinyl
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