Friday, February 20, 2009

3 - Dark days coming (1989) LP Vynil-rip

When most people think Dischord, they recall the early-'80s hardcore days. But Dischord actually peaked later in the decade, when the wildly improved Government Issue and a bunch of new bands formed out of the old ones, all slowed down their tempos to more manageable punk levels, and concentrated on developing melodic hooks, adding dimension to the emotional core of the walloping sound (thus the overused, too blanketed term "emocore"). 3, a 1986-1988 D.C. band formed out of the ashes of Gray Matter (leader Geoff Turner) and Minor Threat (drummer Jeff Nelson) and two others, was the perfect example. A solid band through and through, 3's lone LP, sadly released posthumously (as was the case for far too many Dischord bands of the time) was totally catchy punk, with dollops of obvious sincerity and passion, typically lacking with later punk outfits. (from The Big Takeover, All Music Guide)

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


  1. Yeah there's something about mid-era Dischord (Soulside, Fugazi etc.) that does continue to astound. Despite their role in the DC scene's re-invention I don't think GI ever did anything (besides that first single) on Dischord.

  2. i have this on cassette, but nothing on which to play it, so i haven't heard this for years. thanks so much. what an amazing record. i'd really needed to hear 'swann street' again. it kicks my ass into shape every time; reminds me of the importance of thinking and feeling.

  3. Thanks a lot for the post !
    Never heard this band before.
    Sounds great... :-D

  4. thanxxx ....the best, swan street.

  5. The song 'Pious and Blind' (b-side 2nd track) is missing. Please upload.