Monday, February 16, 2009

Senseless Things - Up & Coming 12" LP (1990) Vynil-Rip

(From Wikipedia)
The Senseless Things formed around the musical partnership of songwriter Mark Keds (vocals, guitar) and Morgan Nicholls (bass, originally guitar), who as 11-year-old schoolboys in Twickenham, Middlesex, UK, put together Wild Division in the early 80s. With the addition of drummer Cass Browne (also occasionally known as Cass Cade and Cass Traitor) they became the Psychotics, playing various venues in their local area despite still being at school. Their first gig together as the Senseless Things followed at the subsequently demolished Clarendon in Hammersmith, London, in October 1986. Auxiliary members at this stage included a keyboard player Ben, then a guitarist, Gerry, who deputized for Nicholls while the latter was studying for his 'O' Levels.

The definitive Senseless Things line-up finally evolved in summer 1987 when Nicholls returned to take over bass, with the new recruit, former BBC clerk Ben Harding, acquiring the vacant guitarist's role. Taking their musical cue from The Ramones and The Dickies, and their spiritual lead from fellow guitar outfit Mega City Four, the quartet embarked upon a hectic touring schedule.

Track listing

1. Where the secret lies
2. I want to go back
3. I don't want to talk about it
4. You don't want me
5. Girlfriend
6. Standing in the rain
7. When you let me down


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Ripped from vynil at 320kbps

Enjoy (RS)

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