Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Antiseen - Here To Ruin Your Groove (1996)

"Here To Ruin Your Groove" is an Antiseen 1996 classic.
This is the one where the Antiseen joined forces with Michael Bruce from the original ALICE COOPER GROUP on the band's cover of "Sick Things." Also, featured here is the tribute to one of Wrestling's greatest madmen, Terry Funk on the toe-tapping "Funk U," plus a whole karma-altering load of classics such as "Spare Change," "Self-Induced Lobotomy," "Ugly American," "Justifiable Homicide,"
1 Ugly American
2 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #1
3 Spare Change
4 People Like You
5 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #2
6 Funk U (A Tribute To Terry Funk)
7 Misery
8 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #3
9 We Got This Far (Without You) '96
10 Radio Ruined Groove
11 Billy The Kid (A Real American Hero)
12 Self Induced Lobotomy
13 Sick Things
14 O.D. For Me
15 Needle And The Spoon
16 The Dean Of Sods Speaks #4
17 Justifiable Homicide
18 Fornication / Fuck All Y'All

Antiseen - Self Induced Lobotomy

Ripped at 320kbps

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