Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Vix Krater - Underground / Petrolio (1994) 7" Vynil-Rip

Chicago act that put out a bunch of 7" in the early-mid 90's
The only thing i found googleing their name is the picture of a gig poster in Chicago 1994 (as you can see at the bottom of the post).
They recall to me the Velvet Underground meeting Jesus and the Mary Chain with no distortion on the guitar on side A, and a great Petrolio on side B that make me think of Go-Betweens (and I'm talking about three of my favourite bands here!!).
This record hits!

The Vix Krater-Petrolio

Ripped from Vynil at 320kbps
Cover and labels included.

Ripped from vynil at 320kbps
Cover art and labels included


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