Monday, February 16, 2009

Killing Joke - The Peel Session 1979-1981

Issued in 2008, this 17-track collection presents the earliest radio sessions that the influential British post-punk ensemble Killing Joke recorded for the revered BBC DJ John Peel. Highlights of the compilation include fierce versions of "Wardance," "Change," and "Butcher," songs that helped to cement the group's reputation as an uncompromisingly aggressive act.
It includes 4 Peel sessions plus a bonus session.

1. Psyche
2. Wardance
3. Nuclear boy
4. Malicious boogie
5. Change
6. Tomorrow´s world
7. Complication
8. The fall of because
9. Tension
10. Butcher
11. The hum
12. Empire song
13. We have joy
14. Chop chop
15. Tension (Bonustrack)
16. Unspeakable
17. Exit


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  1. Ciao sono Luca Muru... bene bene
    le Peel Session dei KJ (che stanno con early Ultravox! & early DEVO nel mio Olimpo new wave!!)
    Attendo tuo giudizio su Clash...
    A presto!