Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fire Party - New Orleans Opera (1989) LP Vynil-Rip

Vocalist Amy Pickering, bassist Kate Samworth, guitarist Natalie Avery, and drummer Nicky Thomas were Fire Party, a Washington, D.C.-based band that recorded for Ian MacKaye's Dischord label. Formed in 1986, the quartet released a self-titled six-song EP in 1988 and an album called New Orleans Opera the following year. They broke up at the turn of the decade. Six years after the split, Dischord released a self-titled compilation that combined the two major releases with a 1989 session for the BBC's John Peel and a song off the various-artists State of the Nation album. Valuable members of the D.C. punk community, Fire Party inspired a number of young women from the scene to become musicians and form bands. (from

a1 Make It Quick
a2 Bite
a3 First Course
a4 Gethsemane
b1 Prisoner
b2 Fire
b3 Only Nine Mottos
b4 New Orleans Opera
Ripped from vynil at 320kbps


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