Thursday, February 5, 2009

V.V.A.A. - The Roxy London WC2 (6 CD Live Box Set)

VVAA-The Roxy London WC2 Jan - Apr 77
1 Runaway Slaughter & The Dogs
2 Boston Babies Slaughter & The Dogs
3 Unwanted Freedom
4 Lowdown Wire
5 12xu Wire
6 Bored Teenagers Adverts
7 Hard Loving Man Moped, Johnny
8 I Don't Need It Eater
9 Fifteen Eater
10 Oh Bondage Up Yours X-Ray Spex
11 Breakdown Buzzcocks
12 Love Battery Buzzcocks

Disc 1

The Buzzcocks-The Roxy London
1 Orgasm Addict Buzzcocks
2 No Reply Buzzcocks
3 Get On Your Own Buzzcocks
4 Fast Cars Buzzcocks
5 What Do I Get Buzzcocks
6 Friends Of Mine Buzzcocks
7 Sixteen Buzzcocks
8 Time's Up Buzzcocks
9 Oh Shit Buzzcocks
10 Boredom Buzzcocks
11 Love Battery Buzzcocks
12 Breakdown Buzzcocks
13 Love Battery Buzzcocks
Enjoy Disc 2


The Adverts - Live at the Roxy
1 Safety In Numbers Adverts
2 New Boys Adverts
3 One Chord Wonders Adverts
4 On The Roof Adverts
5 New Day Dawning Adverts
6 Great British Mistake Adverts
7 Bombsite Boys Adverts
8 No Time To Be 21 Adverts
9 Quickstep Adverts
10 New Church Adverts
11 Bored Teenagers Adverts
12 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Adverts
Enjoy Disc 3


X-Ray Spex - Live at The Roxy
1 Oh Bondage Up Yours X-Ray Spex
2 Identity X-Ray Spex
3 Let's Submerge X-Ray Spex
4 Plastic Bag X-Ray Spex
5 I Live Off You X-Ray Spex
6 I Am A Cliche X-Ray Spex
7 I Can't Do Anything X-Ray Spex
8 Oh Bondage Up Yours X-Ray Spex
Enjoy Disc 4


U.K.Subs - Stranglehold Live
1 B I C UK Subs
2 I Couldn't Be You UK Subs
3 I Live In A Car UK Subs
4 Tomorrow's Girls UK Subs
5 Stranglehold UK Subs
6 Illegal 15 UK Subs
7 C I D UK Subs
8 No Rules (Victim) UK Subs
9 Lady Esquire UK Subs
10 Telephone Numbers UK Subs
11 World War UK Subs
12 Disease UK Subs
Enjoy Cd 5

VVAA - Farewell to the Roxy
1 Strange Boy Blitz
2 Smile And Wave Goodbye Acme Sewage Co.
3 Relics From The Past Karloff, Billy & The Goats
4 I Live In A Car UK Subs
5 Telephone Numbers UK Subs
6 Get Yourself Killed Tickets
7 Never Wanna Leave Red Lights
8 Here Comes The Knife XL5
9 TV Drink Jets
10 Sniper Streets
11 Tough On You Plastix
12 Fun Fun Fun Bears
13 Vertigo Open Sore
14 Lullabies Lie Crabs
Enjoy Disc 6


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  3. the links are dead,this is like gold dust,ive never seen this before!!!

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  6. Is anyone interested in buying a vinyl record, farewell to the roxy? Kevin st john gave it to me in the early 80,s. Inside, on the sleeve it sais; To Lotta (my name) with best regards and affection, Kevin st John. It signed by him.

  7. Hi! Could you re-upload this, please? All links are dead. Thanks!

  8. My dad used to be the a guitarist in The Jets - this is amazing to watch him back in the day!