Friday, February 27, 2009

Germs - GI (1979) 180 gr LP Vynil-Rip

I could number with the fingers of one hand the records that really influenced my life (not in a barely musical sense).
GI by The Germs is definitely one of those pieces of life and heart.
I was 15, just dropped out secondary school and , i remember as it was today, my friend coming over to my parent's house with a bag full of records. friend (i won't tell his name),second son of a well known journalist, was a great recordshop lifter (I admit i went with him many times to"find" music(that's what we used to say to each other "let's go "find" some music!!!).
So that day he was coming over with the day's before "shopping" bag.
I also have to say that he used to leave many of the records he "found" over to my house , so that his parents wouldn't get suspicious about his growing record collection.
The black album with the blue circle, got our attention immediately.
Now I have to tell you a theory we used to have back then. The theory was that if the first song of side b of an album was good, then the rest of the album wouldn't be so bad...don't ask me why!?!?!
...and there we were....MEDIA BLITZ.........

I couldn't believe it!!
What!?! What!?!
We looked at each other like:"What the fuck was that?? and that time the second song was over...I didn't even hear it!
I was still wondering about what I had just listened to.
I had never heard anything that potent and fast and angry and most of all, that short. (That's only because I hadn't heard the first song of side A.......
Wow...I hardly never had that feeling again for a record..
just started to come back to reality and side B was already over. I wanted to listen to it again and again when my friend goes "Just noise that guy doesn't know how to sing and crap and shit like that" and pulled out another record off of its sleeve and put it on.
Don't even remember what it was.
Nothing could be compared to The Germs.
I put the record back in its sleeve and started to read the lyrics: it was a trip through the anger towards the world I was feeling inside myself...
After a couple more records, my friend went home and left, as usual a bunch of records to me .
That night and the following days, while i was falling in love with Lorna Doom, I listened to that record over and over and over.....
I literally went beserk after that record...
You know what else was in that bag?
"Group Sex" by a Los Angeles band named "Circle Jerks"....
....but that's another story....

CHECK this great Darby Crash biography that was sent to Tooshortalife from Culturanta.

a1. What We Do Is Secret
a2. Communist Eyes
a3. Land of Treason
a4. Richie Dagger's Crime
a5. Strange Notes
a6. American Leather
a7. Lexicon Devil
a8. Manimal
a9. Our Way
a10. We Must Bleed
b1. Media Blitz
b2. The Other Newest One
b3. Let's Pretend
b4. Dragon Lady
b5. The Slave
b6. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)

Ripped from perfect and shiny 180 grams vynil at 320kbps
Enjoy from RS
Enjoy from DivShare


  1. gran bel blog!
    complimenti per lo sbattimento di ripparsi tutti i vinili originali...
    non troverò mai il tempo io.
    ti aggiungo nel blogroll.

  2. Thanks! Good music, good read. Keep it up.

  3. Is the A-side way faster than the B-side? RPM wise?...

  4. We did the same shit, up to 17 LPs under the jacket in fathersucking SATURN, trained in front of a mirror to get faster... The best thing was to tell the trendy jerk serving there what to order and some weeks later pick it up, step up to the 2nd floor into our beloved corner of the japanese section with sights in all directions - no cameras back then. After we left the shop we put'em into some fresh SATURN plastic bags we brought with us, got some beers on the suburban train, studied the records but always first counted the prices, hahaha...